Judd's Favorite Photos

The B.P.R. Founding Members: The Judd, The Morale Chairman, The Lt Col

A challenge for the B.P.R. High Altitude Championships, Red Mtn Pass
The start at The 24 Hours of of the Enchanted Forest
Is Prob-eee about to get sick? Is the Morale Chairman Laughing at Prob-eee?

The B.P.R Founding Members @ 24 Hours in the Old Pueblo
The Sheep (Highlight #1) at a Cochiti watering hole

Doing the Dew, after Moab
Everyday is Christmas! Especially Christmas!
Judd telemark skiing with his favorite girls. 
(Where's Avery? Ripping it up, of course!)
The Junior Racers
Nice, anything to impress the B.P.R. Fan Club
Nice Stitches! Dude.
Judd ripping it up at 24 Hours of Moab
B.P.R. was at the Single Speed World Championships, The Brother's Rohwer hometown of Durango
You like Sunsets?

The Lt Col's Sister, Cindy, and Ernesto provided crucial race support at 24 Hours in the Old Pueblo.

B.P.R. digs sunsets!

Tedd says "Hey Judd, Your face hurt?"
Judd says "nope"
Tedd says "It's killing me"
Silence for the final 6 hours of the drive

B.P.R. rides at night!
like I said... we ride at night
B.P.R. rides in the Mud!

B.P.R. rides in the Snow!
B.P.R. rides at high altitude!
B.P.R. rides at high altitude and in Thunderstorms!
Beer is Food! (Don't Forget your Titanium bottle opener!)
The Nieces - Representing Back of the Pack Racing
Even the Young & the Restless get TIRED!