B.P.R. Top 10 Posts & Race Reviews

The B.P.R. Board of Directors nominated blog postings / race reviews for this top 10 page. The Hustorian had the final say. Therefore the Top 10, as selected by The Judd, is below.

If you have a problem with the Top 10 selection - send your comments to:

  1. SSWC10: The Incredible Adventure
  2. Singlespeed World Championships, 2010: Race Review
  3. Back of the Pack High Altitude Championship: Race Review
  4. 24 Hours in the Enchanted Forest: Race Review
  5. 24 Hours in the Old Pueblo: Race Review
  6. Back of the Pack Flyby
  7. The Mecca of Titanium
  8. Back of the Pack Racing: Nutrition and Training
  9. 24 Hours of Moab: Race Review
  10. Back of the Pack SAVES the Turkey - Turkey!
And a Few More!