Sunday, June 24, 2012

24 Hrs in the Enchanted Forest - The Curse Continues

First of all - if you were hanging in the Enchanted Forest on race night - did you see that meteor explode over 24 Hr land around midnight? Even the Lt Col was shocked and said "that must've been an alien spacecraft exploding on final approach"

yes it does:
The Curse of the Pink Futon continues. Yes it does. That damn pink futon has got to go. And if doesn't, then I won't be racing anytime soon. Either I race old school style - one bike, one chair, one cooler - or I'll just become the phat dude that anchors down the futon. No Joke, Jokester. That damn pink futon has turned races into vacations - and I can't race if my mind thinks I'm on vacation. Then again, when did I ever race?

a picture from the BPR archives
the pink futon and the BPR living room at 24 Hours in the Old Pueblo

the awards:
If you hang with the BPR crew - you may or may not earn an award. The 'check' is in the mail

  • Nick and Tracy... Bad Mother F*@ker award: Not only did the coed duo champions put up with Ludacracy at The BPR pit, they crushed it with 18 laps. Bet they stay far far away from BPR Ludacracy next year. Bet I hang and their pit - as I can't handle the BPR Ludacracy anymore.
  • The Padre... Last of the Great Long Distance Drivers award: in order to PROVE to the world that the BPR OIs cannot be challenge and just aren't guidelines - the Padre towed TeddNeck's camper and returned to pick it up. Because paragraph 6.3 in the BPR Operating Instructions states "Although The Judd has a requirement for a well furnished campsite, to include a high wind awning and some sort of camper, he does not know how, nor does he want to learn how, to tow a trailer.  All race trips will require someone to tow a camper or two.  The Yukon may be used for towing, if the driver provides the appropriate hitch, but The Judd will not drive one mile "
  • Maybell and Marshall... Dirty Dog Tag Team award: the brother sister combo earned this award, in a big way. Plus, we'll need to ban Jacob from the pit - as he sent the dirty dogs through the roof, every hour on the hour. TeddNeck's even considering a debark-ing procedure for the two once quite dogs. 
  • Drew... Rookie of Ludacracy award: pounded out a personal best of 7 laps. Personal best, rookie, funny. We forgot to tell Drew that once you go horizontal, you stay horizontal til the sun rises. 
  • The Lt Col... I'm a Gimp but I can still turn the Cranks award: The Lt Col talked a tough game then put down 6 laps. A conservative rehab program isn't necessarily supported by 24 hrs on a single speed, but the Lt Col made it happen. The Lt Col could also get 'Trooper of the Year' award. But the year ain't over yet. Get it.
  • John, aka Mr Kentucky... I don't need no Stinkin' Lights for a 24 Hour Race award: Another rookie had a joyous time while surviving 5 Laps. BTW, Tim #2, does Kentucky have a basketball team? (Inside late night trailside joke.)
  • TeddNeck and Family... Just a Weekend Cruise with the Family - SS Style award: 4 laps on enchanted land, 2 laps on the big kid course.
  • Rick the Wine Drinker.... Let Me Get You Another Beer, How About Some Wine for the Ladies award: that's right. Rick delivered the goods for most of the race weekend. I guess it's a good thing that some dudes drink wine, brew wine (wine is brewed, right?) sell wine, give away wine, etc., because The Ladies are much easier to deal with when they are pounding the wine.   
  • The Judd... I'm on Vacation, I'll Race Next Year, Unless I Don't award: That's right, until the Pink Futon is ancient history, until the BPR atmosphere once again supports World Championship quality efforts, this phat dude is in retirement. 
what's the reason?
So failure is becoming a common theme at the Back of the Pack. Well, failure for The Judd. What the hell is going on? Well, here are a few philosophies from the philosofizer:
  1. the heat will shut down any phat dude, a dude with a BMI around 30, because phat dudes get shut down by heat
  2. wanted to let The Lt col score a few extra points
  3. BPR's pizza delivery man didn't deliver the quality pizza required for a quality performance
  4. The Curse of the Pink Futon
  5. it's hard to figure out how to race when you view the 'race' as a short vacation filled with fun, friends and crazy times
But one real possibility: maybe I'm just tired of going in circles. Maybe I just wanna get back out in the isolated wilderness - bikepacking and the end-to-end adventures. Maybe. We shall see. Bikepacking the Colorado Trail in July, racing at the Sage in August. Will the failures continue to pile up? Doubt it. I'll win this battle one way or the other. Especially after I burn that damn Pink Futon.

I'm just joking around. If you really want to know what contributed to the failure at 24HITEF - just give me a call. Yeah, I'll answer the phone and give you all the details.

the shock of the century:
there were reports that The Lt Col, back in the early years of the 21st century, was Rockin' the Speedo while stationed over in Korea. What the Hell! The dude leaves the country and thinks that he can get away with this type of behavior? It took us years to find out, but we always find out @ the back of the pack. 

quote of the trip:
Lt Col: 'Competitive' is a gray area

conversation of the trip:
Ricky Bobby: I'm here to help you guys.
Lt Col: Well, Ricky Bobby, why don't you have me get another beer.

beer sponsorship:
Some dude gave us 2 free 6 packs of Ska beer! Does these mean we are on our way to a sponsorship? Yeah right. I didn't meet the dude. But if I did I would've said "You work for Ska? Can you get us a team sponsorship? Pretty Please."

the data:
I'm not gonna post the gps data, the course profile, the Google Earth stuff. Because no one cares! But, if you really do care then check out the race reviews from 2010 & 2011.

24HITEF - 2010 race review, search of the links.

24HITEF - 2011 race review, there is link to the data, I think

the pics:
There ain't no video this year and there ain't many pics. That's just the way it is. 

the pit

a tree

kids at the back of the pack...
ride the SS rigid because that's how WE ALL ROLL

kids at the back of the pack...
steal the adult socks - which cracks up The Judd, but not the parents

yep, wind chimes

the sheep trail, on the open road

let's get back to the basics:
The 1st 6 months of 2012 have been one for the history books. Ok, I'm lying. The 1st 6 months of 2012 have not exactly gone as planned. Life has thrown us all for a loop or two or many. But I may have things figured out now - a revelation a few weeks ago. We will see if I can pull this off. Wanna help me? Wanna take over my mortgage so I can get a jump start? 

Yeah, you take over my monstrous mortgage. I'll give you all my equity in The Palatial Palace. Yeah, equity.... it's 2012 and we all have equity in our homes and you can have mine - it may be negative though, just saying.

Anyway, I'm going for the red pill... 

so back to the basics starts with the heavy stuff, the anger based tunes, the death metal, the demon music. And crank it up, dude. Piss off your neighbors. Or don't.

no more hippie tunes....
this is how we rolled in the past, this is how we'll roll in the future:

and a few Iinks - because of SME / copyright / inside controls / regulation.... the std bulls*^t

and a few more videos, because if you made it this far you are really bored

Friday, June 8, 2012

Handies Peak... the Memorial Day (weekend) Adventure

Memorial Day Weekend - Lt Col Style....

What can I say. The Lt Col planned a bachelor weekend - as he shipped out the family for a few weeks - and a Lt Col bachelor weekend usually results in.... CHAOS!

But I won't tell you about the CHAOS. What happens when the family is out of town stays... SECRET

Side Note: I bet The Lt Col will get a whippin' or two over that statement. HA HA HA. Sucks to be SOMEONE other than The Judd!

Ok, back to the info.

The only plan that we had for Memorial Day weekend WAS not to have a plan. Get it. We had a planning session over Chicken & Waffles and agreed to: drive up, hang out, ride bikes, head to Silverton, find Handies Peak, ride bikes, hang out, etc. That was the plan... not to have a plan. 

So, the stories, such as the drunk Oklahoma dude that wanted to argue about ancient tools found in Turkey and educate us 'college kids' on the periodic table, will remain in our memories. And that's about all I have to say. Except for some Lessons Learned - lessons that could save your life someday.

then and now - 20th & 21st century 

Lessons Learned:

  • Don't roll out of Silverton with a 1/4 tank of gas
  • Don't try to buy pizza in Silverton before 4 PM
  • Don't roll with a government issued Camelbak that only has an attachment, a valve, for a gas mask. 
    • 'surely it should come with both' says the Lt Col
  • If you bring firewood, bring matches. 
  • If the weathers says wind gusts over 75 - just leave the firewood at home. 
  • You can wear a track suit, KoRN style, and survive a 14er. Well, at least I think that tourist hiker survived. 
  • If you are headed to Handies - from Silverton - over Cinnamon Pass... Be sure to leave Silverton by 2:30 PM. Because you must get to the Handies Peak trailhead with like 16 hrs before your hike. Yeah, get there early, especially if the wind is gusting over 50 and you have no food and you plan to sit in the car until the 8 AM. 
  • If you're a Lt Col, don't wear hipster cargo pants while climbing a 14er - the range of motion creates an issue or two. 
Quote of the Trip:

  • "this would've been a lot easier if I hadn't polished off 9 gallons of IPA in the last 48 hrs."

The Global View - via Google Earth:

the big picture

the cruise over Cinnamon Pass

Handies Peak - just a stroll up a mountain

The Pics - all at once:

Some Pics - one at a time:

just hanging out at 11,500 ft

the plural of moose is... what?

 heading out and up in the AM

looking back towards base camp

looking up towards the peak

grinding up past 13,000 ft

chillin' out at 13,562.75 ft.... or something like that

Handies Peak
The Lt Col enjoys the summit Clark Griswold style