Sunday, April 29, 2012

phatpacking without the phatpack

So I took Los Compadres out for a phatpacking experience - without the phatpacks. Yep, just a day trip... a short 10 miles of phatpacking with 4224 ft of vertical. Not bad, except we left the singlespeed machines at home. Rules are Rules. Laws are Laws.

yeah, I screwed with every POSSIBLE knob when editing this pic
JUST wait - I'm gonna generate some B.P.R. algorithms for image enhancement!

So why phatpacking?
  • there are a few places in this world where singlespeeds are banned. No joke, jokester.
  • and I WILL travel every single inch of the Colorado Trail in 2012... 
    • so phatpacking is a must - there are wilderness sections. Dude, Dudette.

Los Compadres?
  • I usually travel solo, but gas prices are high. So, Los Compadres were enlisted to help fund the adventures.
    • seriously, this is a big change in my Mode of Operation. I don't talk on the phone, I rarely answer emails, I hate to text (but will) and I have no interest in making small talk.
    • BUT, with gas at 3.76 / gallon... gotta make some friends.
    • if you wanna be a Los Compadre... let me know.
Just to be CLEAR:
  • hiking is not a sport
  • backpacking is not a sport
  • talking about hiking and backpacking is not a sport
  • if you're heart rate is below 140 bpm, you are no better off than your cousin that's sitting on the couch and drinking Budweiser. AND your cousin is probably playing a banjo...
  • the B.P.R. Founding Fathers do not condone or support: hiking, backpacking and drinking Budweiser. But it'd be cool to play a banjo.
  • IF The Lt Col AND The Morale Chairman knew what I've been doing.... they'd call a special session of the B.P.R. Supreme Council, throw me out and promote Mad Rhino to Founding Father status.
    • remember, I AM: The Founder, The Leader, The Hustorian, The Philosophizer... BUT I can be stripped of all the titles by one quick vote. Dude, Dudette.
    • but I'm safe. The Lt Col and The Morale Chairman don't check out this B.P.R. blog anymore - it's all ancient history AND they are responsible family men.
Some more comments:
  • there is no such thing as 'it's a beautiful day for a hike'
  • there is no such thing as 'an awesome hike'
  • there is no such thing as 'a fun hike'
  • there is no such thing as 'a great hike'
  • AND you should never say "I can't wait to go on that hike"
  • it's all about phatpacking - it's all about doing what you gotta do to see that sites that you want to see. 
  • we, the dudes at the Back of the Pack, are single speed fanatics. And that's it. All the rest is just filler.
What's Next:
  • a few of us are heading to Chaco in a few days. One last 'training' trip for the Los Compadres before we hit the Colorado Trail in < 3 weeks.
  • BUT REALLY... I'm gonna scope out the site for the B.P.R. End Of The World Party - Dec 21 2012. And I'm not joking!
The Data - As You EXPECTED:

The Trail Up: The Tram Down

The Trail Up: The Profile

The Medallion Trees: Check this OUT & Research IT!

Elizabeth I Birth Tree: Germinated 1533

Theory of Gravitation Tree: Germinated 1684

The Pics:

the start

just a pic

Los Compadres: Farmer Lore, aka Rancher Lore and Prob-eee
I could say... The Los Compadres... but that would be bad English. get it!

the trail

phatpacking - no phatpack BUT fat style, obviously

some trees and the trail

just another pic

non naked yoga by the naked yoga hippie... Prob-eee

some rocks

a long way down - looking west

rocks & snow

snow & dirt

just rocks


looking west, again

the intersection

phatpacking at 10,000 ft, fat style

what are you looking at? my gut?

taking the Sandia Peak Tram DOWN!

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  1. Ive done that hike! good stuff, and a long day