Tuesday, February 22, 2011

24 Hours in the Old Pueblo: 2011 Race Review

24 Hours in the Old Pueblo can be summed up with one Picture
As Rodney the Rodent experienced 1) 1st you get plowed over, 2) when you’re trying to pick yourself up you get steamrolled, 3) when you want to die a graceful death in privacy, some jackass is taking a picture of you and and making fun of your last moment, your last expression, your last cry of agony.
The 2011 edition of the 24 Hours in Old Pueblo was one to remember and one to forget. Great race, as always. Great Crowd, as always. Great Times, as always. BUT the weather created a few challenges. Some dudes faced the challenges head on and fought through the elements. Other dudes (me) sat in the truck and watched the challenges from the warmth of the pinto and the luxury of a Ding Dong dinner.
Hey, mountain biking is an outdoor sport. I should be prepared. But I did drop out of Boy Scouts after the 1st meeting, so I’m still learning the ‘Be Prepared’ stuff. As with life, everyday is a learning experience. I’m slowly learning this 24 hour racing stuff. I have a good plan for the physical conditioning, I have a good mental plan for the ‘nominal’ race environment. But I need a mental plan for the ‘extreme’ race environment. Yeah, I’m learning and taking notes. AND I'm watching the super freaks. I’ll never be as fast or put in as many miles as the super freaks. I’m obese, remember. But I can put in as many hours as the super freaks. That’s the goal, dude.

The Link to all the Pics, Dude!
Race Awards:
The Judd: “I’m not Fast, I’m just trying to Lap Prob-eee” Award. 9 Laps ~ 150 miles. The Judd put down some big miles for the last 9 hours of the race. A quick 6 laps / 100 miles in the dark, in the daylight, in the wind. Easy stuff for this obese dude. Too bad the big storm put The Judd machine in standby after the 1st 3 laps, 50 miles on Saturday afternoon.
Rhino: “Ha Ha Ha. I’ll easily log 3 laps in this DAMP weather. Oh wait, this is a damn Hurricane. I should've hung out in the pinto with the crew, the brew & Ding Dongs” Award. 7 Laps ~ 117 miles. This was Rhino’s 1st outing with the Back of the Pack crew. Rhino may be a bit shocked with the Back of the Pack Ludacracy. But Rhino fits right in. The dude put out a good effort for his 1st solo SS race. I’m sure he’ll show up to 24 Hours in the Enchanted Forest ready for a showdown with B.P.R.’s New Mexico crew.
Prob-eee: “I may be old, I may be slow, but I’ll sneak out at 12:30 am and ride while Judd’s sleeping” Award. 7 Laps ~ 117 miles. Yep, Prob-eee put The Judd to shame by sneaking out at 12:30 am. Prob-eee achieved a personal best in terrible conditions. Sweet!  AND there was no talk of retirement on Sunday night or Monday morning. Prob-eee finally found the inner single speed freak that lurks in his soul.
The Morale Chairman: “I don’t need cold weather gear, oh maybe I do need cold weather gear” Award. 4 Laps ~ 67.5 miles. The TeddNeck showed up with massive hours on the stationary bike. The TeddNeck did not show up with cold riding gear. So, 4 easy laps in the wind and sun. That’s about it. 
The Lt Col: “Uh, I’ll catch up with you dudes at the next race. I’m busy learning how to use my new smart phone” Award. Yeah. We missed the B.P.R. Elder Statesman. Oh well, the Lt Col will feel the pain and humiliation at Dawn ‘til Dusk in April.
Special Awards:
Rhino: Back of the Pack Brew of the Year Award. Black Porter Rhino is one AWESOME porter. Yep, Back of the Pack Racing now has an official beer - thanks to Rhino. 

Back of the Pack Championship Series:

This is serious, dude. The Back of the Pack Championship Series is 'The What' that drives us Back of the Pack Racers. The racer names are listed based on point totals from the 2010 race series. Yes, The Judd was triumphant in 2010... NO MATTER what The Lt Col Says. Point totals are simple. 100 pts for a victory, 1 pt for a 'show', 1 pt for a certified 'AARP' membership. 0 for a 'no show'. 

The Weather:

Talking about the weather is like talking about the glory days.  No one cares and no one believes you. So, below are snap shots of the local weather conditions. Yeah. Rain & Wind. Wind & Rain. Gusts over 50mph. No Joke Jokester!

Course Info and Lap Info:

Do you really care about this crap? Well, I do. So deal with it.

The Bitches? Skip The Bitches?
If you’re plan is to ‘ride the race’ and not ‘race the race’, skip the bitches. The ‘skip the bitches’ is a fun, twisting single track that skips the bitches. The option is 0.2 miles longer but with ~ 140 LESS vertical. After a few introductory laps I actually rode the ‘skip the bitches’ faster than ‘the bitches’, like 1 minute faster. Yeah. I don’t ‘race’ down that backside of ‘the bitches’, like others do. So my data point is slanted towards my style of riding. Either way, it’s a killer option. More races should have options like this. Options add a bit uncertainty & a bit of fun. 

Prob-eee is as Prob-eee does. And Prob-eee ALWAYS makes us laugh.
  • At the Saturday / 6:30pm debrief. Prob-eee says, ‘Man, these SmartWool knee warmers are great. You should get some.’ The Judd says, ‘Uh, Prob-eee. Those knee warmers aren’t authorized. I must report you to the Lt Col.’ Prob-eee says, ‘Come on man. These are great. Don’t report me. Can’t we keep this between us friends?’ The Judd says, ‘Nope. Founding Fathers before friends. You’re toast!’
  • At 12:30am Prob-eee misses the turn to ‘Skip the Bitches’. At the Sunday / 4:30 am debrief Prob-eee says ‘Dude, I have no idea where that turn is.’ The Judd says, ‘That’s funny, because there are 4 blinking red lights clearly marking the turn.’
  • At the Sunday / 4:30 am debrief Prob-eee says, ‘Man, I really hope Rhino picks up a quart of coffee from Starbucks.’ The Judd say, ‘Uh Prob-eee, Rhino & Family have a cabin in BFE. There is no Starbucks around and Rhino isn’t thinking of your coffee needs.’ Prob-eee says ‘Really, you don’t think Rhino will pick up some Starbucks for us? Damn.’
Quote of the Race:
Due to a random asshole (#469 on lap 1) The Judd was able to strike up a conversation with a nice lady (woman, female, hottie, foxy mama, whatever appropriate term you care to use.) The conversation started because we were in a train just cranking on the cranks. The asshole decided he was late for Lunch so he proceeded to run everyone off the road. Because of this I made a comment  or two to this lady - about jackass #469.
So, then the short conversation started after the wind blew me up to the parallel position with the lady - from which I jumped in front of her.
Lady: Nice Socks dude. (referring to the B.P.R. Single F’n Speed socks)
The Judd: Thanks
Lady: Solo single speed huh? Sweet!
The Judd: Yeah, thanks.
Lady: I’m solo & geared.
The Judd: Cool. 
The Judd’s Thoughts: ‘Damn, wish you were solo & single, if you know what I mean.’
Lady: Hey, I’ll want to pass you back once we get to hills. Is that cool?
The Judd: No Problem.
The Judd’s Thoughts: Oh, yeah. Right. Whatever you say. 
Attention All Geared People: Unless you are a super freak geared racer, chances are that a dude on a 32x18 SS setup will climb a hill much faster than a dude or dudette geared down into that TINY chainring up front and that BIG ASS ring in the back. Its all about the ratio. Just saying. 
Lessons Learned:
  • I need a personal sports psychologist and / or a personal motivational speaker. Yep. El Freako (Jeff Hemperley) has the solution. He 'says' he was ready to go horizontal and call it a race after the Arizona Hurricane hit. His wife Laura uttered a few works. Something like this, 'Hey, El Freako, aren't you here for a 24 hour race?'. El Freako snapped out of it and raced his way to 4th in the SS category. S*^T why can't we all have our own motivational speaker, life coach, sports psychologist? Whatever the hell you want to call it.
  • So you think the weather is brutal?  There are always a group of psychos that think the weather is just fine. So toughen up Judd! AND get some decent riding gear for these crazy conditions.
  • The fixed gear training method is great for the cold weather / winter training. I’m a believer.
  • Race preparation must start in mid December. Ramp up to 150 mile weekends in mid January. (I started in early January for this race with a 100 mile / weekend goal.)
Lessons Relearned:
  • If you enter a 24 hour race with the goal of losing weight - think again. I only ate 2 official meals in 3 days and gained 3 pounds. Must be all the beer and Ding Dongs, dude.
  • Club Ride shorts are the ultimate gear in chaffage prevention. Add in some dznuts and there is zero probability of issues down under. The cool space-age material (still stylish though) allows for a zero friction interface with the saddle. 100% cotton cargo shorts create massive friction which results in massive chaffage - even with the 1st line of defense provided by dznuts .
  • If you’re cool enough to roll with an EBB, get some brains and figure out how to adjust the damn thing. Don’t understand what I’m saying? Don’t worry about it.
A Big B.P.R. Thanks to:
Rhino and The Rhino Family. The new B.P.R. recruit earned his keep. (Taking notes Prob-eee?) Rhino & Family secured a SWEET trail spot, set up a killer pit, hauled in wood, maintained the pit in the extreme conditions. Basically Rhino & Family made it all happen. Because of these actions that are above and beyond the call of duty, Rhino is elevated to a new Back of the Pack membership rank - somewhere between Probationary Member and Associate Member. The B.P.R. Operating Instructions will be undated soon to reflect this new team structure.
Nick and Tracy. This dynamic duo (2nd place coed duo) rolled up to the B.P.R. camp late Sunday. The duo provided interesting conversation, a good set of laughs AND the towed us out of the ditch on Monday morning. It’s always great to make new friends.

The B.P.R. Morale Chairman. I can't thank The Brother in person. Brothers don't do that sort of S*^T. But the B.P.R. Morale Chairman drove the entire way home - just so I could blog about the experience. Pretty Cool. Hopefully this becomes a tradition!
OH S*^T! of the Trip:
The TeddNeck, The B.P.R. Morale Chairman, maneuvered the pinto to avoid a SMALL ROCK, so he high centered the truck in a BIG DITCH / Rut. Yeah. Last year The TeddNeck high centered his popup on this small rock. This year he missed the rock with the big truck, but high centered the truck IN a ditch. Monday mornings with The TeddNeck are so much fun.
Lucky for us, Nick and Tracy saved the day. Lenny and Nate showed up just in case a few more brains and horsepower were required.
The Reality, Prob-eee's A Hero:

Prob-eee and this personal guilt saved Judd’s race. Yep. A simple text message pushed Prob-eee out into the dark, cold desert at 12:30 am. Prob-eee ripped a lap and returned with interesting information on the weather and trail conditions. This information pushed The Sleeping Judd out of the tent and onto the course. Without Prob-eee’s course report - Sleeping Judd would have waited until sunrise & wasted the opportunity to put down some awesome laps in the awesome early morning riding conditions.

Thanks Prob-eee, you're a valuable dude on Back of the Pack Racing. BUT I'll never admit that in the company of the 2 other Founding Fathers.
In Summary:
Excuses Reign and Local Knowledge Prevails. I used the cold & wet weather excuses to keep me dry. But Local knowledge proved that massive downpours are just a temporary condition. 
Judd’s psychosis said “It’s freezing and it’s muddy”. Reality said “It’s not cold and the trail is super fast.” 
Reality hurts. My 3am restart time could have been / should have been an 11pm restart or even a 9:30pm restart. Oh well. As I always say... NEXT TIME I’ll KNOW BETTER.
The Final Summary:
Overall, it was a good effort from all Back of the Pack Racing dudes... considering the weather and the limited hours for ‘country club’ riding.
AND, as usual, the B.P.R. crew had a great time with all the cool dudes & dudettes that populate these 24 Hour Towns and race the races. Brian Leddy / Melanie / Paul - The Gallup Crew. Lenny / El Freako / Nate - The Big Wheel Racing Crew. Nick and Tracy - The Colorado Springs Crew. The random beer tree gawkers. The random Black Sheep admirers. Every dude and dudette we run into is totally cool. Yeah, it’s a funny crowd that we hang with. 
And, aside from all this gibberish, all I really know is that I’ll train harder next year and I’ll be online at 12:01 am the day registration opens for the 2012 edition.

A Few More Pics:
Just a reminder: The Link to all the Pics, Dude!

And a sample of the pics, dude!

An 8 hour ride home can be summed up in a 2 sentence conversation.
The TeddNeck: Done with that blog posting yet?
The Judd: Nope.
The Back of the Pack Racing Pit

The Official Back of the Pack Racing Brew

The Back of the Pack Racing Beer Tree and Official 24HITOP Sunset

The Back of the Pack Colors

The Back of the Pack Racing 24HITOP Crew

The Padre flying the Back of the Pack Racing Colors

Yeah, The Wind

The Back of the Pack Racing ABQ Crew Waiting OUT the Storm

The Back of the Pack Racing Diet Plan  - while waiting out Arizona Hurricanes

A Few Videos, if You’re REALLY BORED:

24 Hours in the Old Pueblo - The Before

24 HITOP - 2011 - The Race from Judd Rohwer on Vimeo.
24 Hours in the Old Pueblo - Just Race Stuff

And a 24HITOP Sunrise to give YOU that tingly feeling all OVER!

AND a Random 1910 Jail in Arizona

Friday, February 18, 2011

24 Hrs in the Old Pueblo: The Day Before

It's On. The killer pit is set. The bikes are ready. The Back of the Pack 'racers' are ready.

And the weather forecast is improving. Not that 'the weather' is much of an issue for us dudes @ the back of the pack.

Some notable items.

1) Black Rhino Porter is the official Back of the Pack beer.
2) The TeddNeck's 1st ride in 2011 is 10 mile preride. Nothing like saving your legs.
3) Prob-eee wanted to stay home. But fame and fortune convinced him to make the trip.
4) The weather is unpredictable. Just like The Judd.

The Back of the Pack Pit

Black Rhino Porter. Killer

Black Rhino Porter. The BPR Beer

Breakfast. Back of the Pack Style

-- Post From My iPhone at 24 Hrs in the Old Pueblo

Sunday, February 13, 2011

24 Hours in the Old Pueblo: It's Time to Race!

The training is over. The Taper is Tapered. Nothing left to do but pack and drive.

I think it's safe to say that I am completely prepared for this monster of a 24 Hour race, the 24 Hours in the Old Pueblo. Yeah, it's a race for some - it's just 24 hour bike ride for others... like me. I've put in the miles since January. 596.55 GPS miles, to be exact. I'm as ready as I'll ever be.

I've suffered on the SS. I've suffered on the fixie. I am one with suffering. There will be no excuses and there will not be failure. Unless of course failure becomes cool and helps me pull in the babes. JUST JOKING! Back of the Pack Racing DOES NOT support FAILURE!

Here's what to expect from the crew:
  • The Judd: Mucho miles are in the books. All the sheep are ready to role. And the 3AM DEMONS are PAID OFF for this race! So it should be a wicked race, I mean ride. AND the luck with be on The Judd's side, for once. 
  • The Morale Chairman: The TeddNeck's coming off the couch. Will he throw down 150 miles? That's his goal. 150 miles off the couch. The Morale Chairman is insane. Not that he can't train, it's just that he wants to make the 150 miles a little bit harder than it already is. Well, we all have goals.
  • Prob-eee: The dude went partying in Seattle in late January. He still hasn't recovered and hasn't logged many miles. No big deal. It's the demons that he must battle. Anyone and their cousin could break 110 miles with ZERO training. So, will Prob-eee survive or will he fold?
  • Rhino: The New Kid on The Block. Rhino is set, so we think. This is Rhino's 1st attempt at a solo 24 hour race. He's a veteran of team 24 hour events. BUT the 3AM demons are a bit different for the solo rider. He'll be fine. His name AIN'T Prob-eee. 
    • As defined in the B.P.R. Operating Instructions, this dude should be classified as a Probationary Member of Back of the Pack Racing. BUT we would never put a dude in the same category as Prob-eee. So we will rework the membership guidelines.
    • AND Rhino is taking charge of the B.P.R. camp. Rhino is a local. (Maybe, it doesn't matter.) Rhino lives in The Grand Canyon State, therefore Rhino has the ability to set up the ultimate camp. Don't worry dude, we'll repay the favor at 24 Hours in the Enchanted Forest.
  • The Lt Col: Sad sad day for Back of the Pack Racing. The B.P.R. Elder Stateman informed me that he will not make the trip. Oh well, sometimes family stuff is more important. So I hear. Sucks to be The Lt Col. He is already ONE DOWN in this quest for The Back of the Pack Championship.
The Overall 2011 Experience:
  • No Port-A-Nestor. Damn. No breakfast burrito eating competition. Damn. I guess we will wait and watch to see what ludacracy Prob-eee comes up with. These senior citizens are unpredictable.
  • Rhino. Rhino is Rhino now. But Rhino may not be Rhino after the race. Just like Prob-eee wasn't Prob-eee until The Founding Fathers said Prob-eee is Prob-eee. Anyway. We will see what happens.
  • This is the 3rd calendar year of B.P.R.'s 24 hour influence from the Back of the Pack. Will we dominate from the Back of the Pack? Doubt it. That wouldn't be any fun.
  • And if you are curious about B.P.R. Ludacracy, check out the story from last year: 

And Just in CASE:

Because LUCK is so important, I did everything possible to ensure that luck is on my side. That's right, I pulled out all the stops. I'm big time superstitious, ever since I was a 4 year old kid and realized that a clean bedroom and making the bed daily provides unlimited luck. So, I'm taking it one step further.

Yeah. Call me superstitious. Others call is 'filling the Karma Bank.' (I don't believe in Karma. I believe in ghosts, aliens and the gods that rule the single speed lifestyle.)

Anyway, here's what I did to buy a little bit of luck:
  • Mopped the floors
  • Cleaned the bathrooms, showers & sinks & toilets. (Pure Torture!)
  • Washed the sheets
  • Cleaned some windows
  • Cleaned the garage
AND I even fed the birds! 

You can't ride 24 hours without a successful battle plan and a boatload of luck. So, do you think luck will be on my side? I sure hope so. If this strategy works - I may volunteer to clean your house prior to the 2012 edition of The 24 Hours in the Old Pueblo.

That's that. Maybe The B.P.R. Morale Chairman or Prob-eee will post updates during the 24 hours of pain. I definitely won't - I'll be riding - for all 24 hours. Dude! Dudette!

The Fixie and The Camera. Headed to the Bowling Alley
Yes, even The Judd can be cool and take pics while on the bike, The Fixie

And a few reminders of the 2010 experience @ the Back of the Pack

The Classic Pic of The Founding Fathers

The Classic Sunset. We'll miss Cindy and Ernesto, The Ultimate Pit Crew!

Beware, the Cholla jump!

Don't forget your pliers. Prob-eee will need them!

We'll miss The Lt Col. Can't race the race without The Elder Statesman.

Sunday, February 6, 2011

29,470 Crank Revolutions Equals... What?

Well, 29,470 crank revolutions equals 100 miles on the fixed gear (fixie) while running a 44 x 18 setup. Yep. 42 on Saturday and 58 on Super Bowl Sunday. No joke, jokester. 

This weekend I tried to dial it up a notch in preparation for The 24 Hours in the Old Pueblo. The weather SUCKED for the last 4 days - so I modified my training plan. 100+ miles is the goal for every weekend, but I had to change my strategy since the trails are snow packed, slushy, muddy... whatever. 

Yep. I was forced to bring out the fixie and punish myself in the neighborhood hills. Punishment was the goal and punish I did - in a very unorthodox fashion. 

Unorthodox? Yeah. As you all know. I do everything my way - which you'd say is the wrong way. But my way builds 'toughness' that can't be achieved through normal training routines. 

The Strategy:
  • Friday and Saturday are 'fun' days. The real training starts on Sunday when the body is trashed, the mind is weak, the will is lost. 
So here is how it goes:
  • On Saturday put in a normal 42 miles on the fixie. Ride hard. Ensure that the legs are destroyed. 
  • Once finished with the Saturday ride... start a cheeseburger, beer, ice cream binge. 
  • Hit the hay completely dehydrated, yet bloated. This ensures that you get zero sleep. Your body has no chance to recover.
  • Wake up every hour, on the hour and think about how this state of dehydration is going screw you (I mean 'me') on the Sunday ride. 
  • Wake up before the sun rises and drink as much coffee as possible - just to guarantee that you (I mean 'I') start the ride completely dehydrated. 
  • Make a monster breakfast - 4 egg sandwich with green chili and doused in Oskar Blues 10 Fidy Hot Sauce
  • Jump on the bike with a full bladder and a brutal case of indigestion.
  • ONLY take ONE water bottle and ZERO food. Deal with the dehydration LIKE a MAN. And don't cry to mommy about being hungry. DEAL WITH IT. We must be tough if we (I mean 'I') want to survive the Arizona 300 and the Colorado Trail Race. 
  • Ride for 58 miles / 5 hours on the fixie - all the time trying to deal with massive bladder pressure - never stopping to relieve the pressure or puke to relieve the indigestion. 
  • Finish the ride, 100 miles for the weekend, just in time for Super Bowl madness. 
What I Learned:
  • Do what you got to do to simulate the extreme pain and suffering of 24 hour racing. 
  • If your head is freezing, your hands are cold, your toes are numb - think about the extreme bladder pain. You'll soon forget about how cold it is. Even if it's 25 but feels like 15. Even if the gust are 30 or 40 mph.
  • Bladder pain is so much more severe while trying to control the fixie on the downhill sections. Don't believe me? Build up a fixie and follow the training strategy described above, dude!
What you, The BPR Fan should understand:
  • As The Lt Col says: brakes are unnecessary when riding a fixie. Yeah. I hit the brakes ONCE during the 100 weekend miles. No Joke. Yeah, that lady that wanted to run me into the snow pile was real cool. Real cool, dudette!
  • Denim is cool. Denim is bitchin' Denim with B.P.R. patches is all time. 
  • Yeah. I could hire a Swedish massage therapist - but if you need a massage to recover, you've given up and admitted weakness. 
  • Yeah, I could hire a Mediterranean chef, but if you can't survive on cheeseburgers and beer, you've given up and admitted weakness. 
  • Yeah, I could sit on the couch and cry to mommy about the cold. But if I did that - The B.P.R. Morale Chairman would say "Judd, you're F*^kin' WEAK!"
Denim is COOL!
The Judd has Cheek Wrinkles!
The Judd needs a HAIRCUT!

In the end:
  • The fixie experience is unreal. Nothing like being forced to pedal - all the time. 
  • If I say I'm gonna ride 100 miles per weekend in preparation for The 24 Hours in the Old Pueblo, then I'm gonna ride 100 miles. No matter what. I think. 
To Conclude:
  • You, The B.P.R. Fan, must remember.... We, The Back of the Pack Racers, don't race. We just ride. We aren't racers, we aren't hipsters (what's a hipster?) we aren't role models. We are single speed fanatics with titanium addictions. AND we are jokesters. No joke, jokester. 
  • So. Enjoy these postings and go to sleep with a smile. And if that's impossible - show up at Old Pueblo and work in our pit. We'll make you laugh... Or cry. 
The Data:

The Neighborhood Route: Ride, Repeat, Ride, Repeat, Ride, Repeat, etc

The Saturday Cruise

The Sunday Torture Fest

The Pics:

The Fixie, The Snow, The Beer

The Foxy Mamas complain that The Judd doesn't smile enough.
Well, Hotties, how is this smile?

Maybell, The TeddNeck's buddy, digs the Woofer. 

You Gotta Check This Out! The Black Sheep Fastback Coupler

Well, most of my friends and B.P.R. fans know of The Ultimate Adventure that took place in New Zealand during the Singlespeed World Championship (SSWC10) week. The week was nuts. The race was nuts. It was all nuts. But that's history. It's 2011.

Anyway, when I returned to The United States of America and my home in New Mexico I packed up sheep #2 and sent it up to James and Todd at Black Sheep Bikes. The dudes wanted to overhaul #2 with a permanent fix. And lucky me - James asked if I'd be interested in the new Fastback coupler design. Yeah. Of course. I'm interested in anything and everything new, unique and awesome. Plus I saw this coupler design on Bryan Kramer's bike in NZ. Definitely cool. Definitely a unique Black Sheep concept.

The Fastback with HACS allows for the shipping the sheep (after disassembly, of course) in a standard S and S Hard Case - which fits within the airline size requirements. 62 total inches (26 x 26 x 10 = 62, dude.)

So, I'm set. No more $200+ up charges by the freaks at the airlines. Yep, I love screwing the system, especially when I screw the system with titanium coolness.

Well, I'll stop rambling.

Below are the pics: 

Looks like a standard Black Sheep Highlight, right?

zoom in and you see The Fastback design

a little closer

another angle

the HACS (Horizontal Adjustable Chainstay) completes the bike

So, since I'm an obese single speed fanatic, the Fastback / HACS combo will be thoroughly tested under EXTREME conditions.

And the Fastback/ HACS combo will definitely ease the financial burden (yes burden) of traveling to exotic places for world championship competition - like the 2011 edition of the Single Speed World Championships - SSWC11 - in Ireland this coming August.

Maybe #2 will see it's first racing action at 24 Hours in the Old Pueblo. Maybe. #1 earned the start. But you never know what will happen @ The Back of the Pack.