Monday, January 31, 2011

Just Miles in January

What can I say? I'm right on track. My goal for 2011 was 4800+ miles - I logged 400 for January. It took a late night snow ride to break 400. But I did it.  Check the data, dude.

Breaking through 400 Miles in the Snow, January 31st

The rides last weekend were interesting. The ride on Friday became a cruise in the park prior to a late lunch and an early dinner with The TeddNeck and family. Cool. The SYDC group ride was a group race with The Judd trailing far behind. (Recall, us Back of the Pack Racers can ride, but we can't race. Too big, too slow, too cool, too handsome. We just cruise.) The Sunday tour of the ABQ Foothills was filled with interesting people. That's a polite way of saying.... OK, I won't say it.

So, miles were logged and that's about it. One more weekend of big miles before THE TAPER starts. BTW, what the hell is A TAPER. Is that a convenient way of saying "I'm sick of training, I'll take this week off. Let's go get a big greasy cheeseburger."

Anyway just for fun, let's review the Back of the Pack data for last week. The data proves what you were thinking. a) The Judd logged the most miles, b) The Morale Chairman was busy being busy, c) Prob-eee was taking naps and downing the Gerital, d) The Lt Col was doing something - but has no proof, e) Rhino was just riding.

The details:

Fri. 5.74 mi, 942 ft vertical, 525 calories, 132 avg bpm, 167 max bpm
Sat. 75.51 mi, 5432 ft vertical, 4812 calories, 148 avg bpm, 177 max bpm
Sun. 43.24 mi, 5575 ft vertical, 3403 calories, 136 avg bpm, 173 max bpm
Mon. 2.17 mi, 143 ft vertical, 132 calories, 114 avg bpm, 147 max bpm

Total: Too Many Miles to Count!

Fri. 30.21 miles, 2833 ft vertical
Sat  25.2 miles, 2075 ft vertical
Sun 21.5 miles, 2522 ft vertical

Total: Hell, who cares!


SS,Social ride: 12 miles, 2 hr, 2306'

SS fixed wheel: 10 miles, 35 min, 600 feet,
Yep, Rhino's hardcore. Just an easy ride to stretch the legs one morning

SS: 42 rough ass miles, 5322', 6:35, 151 avg bpm, 185 max bpm, 7.4mph avg

Total: 64 miles in the ragin' Arizona Sun

The Lt Col:
Uh. A couple of hours in the hills. A couple hours in the gym. More than a couple hours at the breakfast burrito factory.

Total: 12 burritos and about 15 miles.

The Morale Chairman:
Uh. Right on schedule with the zero training approach.

Total: A few cheetos, a few burritos, a few diet cokes and a few Healthy Choice Microwave Meals.

Some Interesting Data from The Judd's Ride:

San Ysidro Dirty Century Preride. Oh Yeah. Preride Race.

Just An Image of SYDC

Just the Foothills. Boring!

You've seen this before. I think

Just Some Pics:

Can't a Dead Cow get any PRIVACY in the Wild West?

What's that Smell?

As the TeddNeck would say... "What a Thug"

As the Madre would say... "Little Juddy is SOOO Handsome"
Yep. The Johnny is no MORE! I GIVE UP! 
I'm Civilized! I'm not a Hairy Monkey! Evolution is Just a Theory! 
Good Luck will RETURN if I RETURN to the Clean Cut Lifestyle.

Wednesday, January 26, 2011

The Ultimate Black Sheep - The Retro Highlight

Last spring I talked to my friends at Black Sheep Bikes about a top secret mission. I asked James and Todd if they could build me the ultimate Black Sheep styled and painted like my father's 1939 Schwinn. Of course I wanted a ultra high tech titanium beast. But I wanted the machine painted in Black Sheep black with Schwinn like graphics. Well, it was a tough wait for this ultimate single speed machine. But its worth it. Unbelievable! (Or as we would say IN THE GUTTER: UN-F*^KIN-BELIEVABLE!)

So, why would I go through such a top secret mission? Why would I have the Black Sheep dudes build the ultimate retro Black Sheep? Well, the Professor Emeritus of Back of the Pack Racing deserves a new single speed. Yep, that 39' cruiser was wicked cool for a 7 year old Theodore (Teddy) Rohwer. But the old dude with titanium knees deserves a modern machine, a titanium Black Sheep, the baddest Black Sheep on the planet.

So, I know you are all still confused. What mere mortal would have such a sweet bike & such an EXPENSIVE bike built for a 78 year old dude? Hey man. We all get old, but we can still have style! We just can't stop living until we 'stop living', if you know what I mean. 

AND since I am a brilliant (and good looking) dude I predicted your questions and provided answers. JUST remember. I'm 100% serious in everything I do and say. Oh wait. If you think I'm serious, then you obviously don't know me. But that's cool.

Q&A, Back of the Pack Style:

Q: Why a 3rd sheep?
A: You can't have a 4th sheep until you have a 3rd sheep. Right?

Q: Why another highlight?
A: Perfection is Perfection. Highlight #1 is the ultimate ride. I'll never forget the day I jumped on Highlight #1 for the 1st ride. Unbelievable! And since I race all 24 hour events solo AND usually unsupported I want to have the option to 'hot swap' bikes. Yeah I could do that with any two bikes, but why not do it with two sheep that are almost identical? So now I have another sheep to add to the mix - assuming I can borrow #3 from The Padre.

Q: Why the paint?
A: Well 1) because I can, 2) because it's cool, 3) because A NORMAL person wouldn't. I'm not normal.

Q: What was the wait like?
A: Waiting for the ultimate Black Sheep is probably like pregnancy & child birth. Not that I'm a woman or have a wife & kids. But pregnancy and child birth COULD BE as bad as waiting for the ultimate single speed.

Q: You're just a rich kid, why don't you do something constructive with your cash?
A: Rich Kid? Nope. I'm just irresponsible. Well, I have no responsibilities and I'm irresponsible. Does that make sense to you? Does to me.

Q: Are you really giving it to The Padre?
A: F*^ikin' A. That's the plan. If The Professor Emeritus wants to ride the retro sheep, then he can have the sheep. But I have one MAJOR concern. The Professor Emeritus has a bad habit of cashing out & getting horizontal on the couch while watching The Weather Channel on MUTE! AND due to this irresponsible behavior, any and all valuable 'things' could be left unguarded in the garage. Yeah, most of the time the garage door is wide open when The Professor Emeritus is cashed out.

Q: What does a dude / dudette need to do to get a retro Black Sheep, courtesy of The Judd?
A: Either 1) be the Professor Emeritus or 2) Be a Foxy Mama and a Sugar Mama. But if you are a Sugar Mama then you will indirectly pay for the retro sheep. Right?

Q: What's next 
A: Hell. I don't know. Sheep #4. I'm thinking a steel highroller - fixie. Three Highlights should be enough. Shouldn't it? 

A question for you: What's the risk of The Judd becoming responsible before #4 is ordered?

A Few More Pictures of the Ultimate Black Sheep Single Speed:

The Sheep

The Sheep is Waiting

The Sheep in Transport

The Sheep in The Judd's Pad

#3, The Retro Sheep, Outside

Just a View, Again

Just a View, Again, Again

The Old | The New

Little Teddy on the 39' Schwinn with his younger brother Chris. Photo is from ~ 43'
As The Padre said - 'It didn't take Little Teddy long to strip down the bike for speed'

The Padre, The Professor Emeritus, The New Ride
You think you're tough? Talk to these dudes that grew up in the 30s and 40s. We got it EASY!

This is how a 7 YEAR OLD rolls in 1939

This is How a "HARD CORE" Dude rolls in 2011

And just something for thought. The history of mountain biking? You can believe what you want. But what do you think these kids were doing in the 20's, 30's, 40's? 

Sunday, January 23, 2011

50 in the South? 50 in the North? Or Both?

Well. Both. Of course. 

Next question. Does 50 in the North = 50 in the South?

No way, Jose? Well. 50 is 50. But 50 isn't 50 when you're training for a 24 hr race. And I have the data to prove it. 

The Background:
A BPR racer (who will not be named) and I (The Leader, The Philosofizer) often 'debate' the merits of training in the North Foothills. My position: Any senior citizen can cruise the North Foothills without breaking a sweat or pushing the heart rate above 170. The other racer's position: The North Foothills offer exceptional challenge with great climbing. Yeah, I'm laughing as I type this. We all know it. The North Foothills is the 'recovery ride'. Whatever the hell that means. But I know it and you know it.

Anyway, this last weekend I set out to prove my point. 50 miles in the south and 50 miles in the north. And let me say a thing or two about accuracy. If I say '50' I mean '50'. I don't mean '45' or '48' or '52'. I mean '50'. Got it? So. I logged 50.10 miles in the south and 50.01 miles in the north. Not bad, but not perfect. My error per day: 0.2% for Saturday and 0.02% for Sunday. My total weekend error is 0.11%. Like I said, not bad but not perfect. Yeah. I'm the only one in the world that finds the challenge in ending a ride 'on the dot'. And no, I don't do f'n circles in the parking lot until I 'hit the dot'.

So, the data:

South Foothills

50.10 Miles, 7.7mph avg, 7875 ft vertical, 4491 calories
149 bpm avg, 178 bpm max

North Foothills
50.01 Miles, 8.7mph avg, 6036 ft vertical, 3807 calories
132 bpm avg, 169 bpm max

Well. Does the data prove my point? Crunch the data anyway you want. But the avg heart rate proves it. 17 bpm higher in the South Foothills. Do the math, dude. 17 extra beats per minute is a big difference. If you don't believe me, then join me. BUT just remember, no talking.

Anyway, check out the data and tracks. BORING. But it's data.

The '50 in the South'

The BORING tracks, '50 in the South'

The '50 in the North'

Talk about BORING! '50 in the North'

Yep, I'm getting Ugly. Until I get PAID to shave, I'm not shaving. I think.

I'm Rockin' Club Ride gear. Bitchin' S*^T, Dude. 
Yeah. I know. You can't see the bitchin' details. Oh well. Next time.

Monday, January 17, 2011

Bored Yet?

Well. Are you bored? I am.

But in one month I'll be on my way to 24 Hours in the Old Pueblo, the 1st race of 2011 for Back of the Pack Racing. So, I can deal with boredom for a few more weeks. But I won't bore you to death with the nonsense that happened during this past week. I put in a few miles and took a few pictures. That's about it. Check it out. Or don't.

The Video:
Cold nights in January Suck. But the Romance is Bitchin'!
The 'Action' starts around 1min 28 sec. I think.
Go to the 2 min 46 sec point. I video of a UFO. I think.
AND. If you find the grammar mistake in the video - I may give you 100 Million Dollars.

The Pics:
Wild Horses.... Scare Me. And I'm Fearless
Just a Saturday Ride with The Lt Col, aka The B.P.R. Elder Statesman

A Sunrise

 A Sunset

News of the Weird:
So. I have this overhang on my back porch. (Click here for a definition of 'overhang'.) I have a big glass door going to the back porch. One Saturday I looked out and saw this pile of Bird S*^T stuck to the glass. Then I puked. 

How the hell did this happen? How does a big ass bird blast my glass door with a big ass pile of S*^T? Is this a CONSPIRACY forged by the wild birds that are (were) my friends?

Yeah, I forgot to feed the birds for 1 week. But it was cold out. A little hunger is no reason to turn against your friend. Is it?

Well, I'm wondering if the birds were overcome by rage and enlisted the community dive bomber to lay one out on my window. Insanity rules The Judd's Pad. This is Ludicrous.  So, what did I do? I went out and fed the birds, just like the good buddy I am.

Sunday, January 9, 2011

Weekend Roundup

Well, I ran out of excuses last week. Training for 24 Hours of Old Pueblo officially started a few days ago. The weekend totals: 92.55 miles, 12817 vertical, 11 hrs of bike time. I put in a quick 3 miles on Thurs, 15+ on Friday, 31 on Sat and 43+ on Sun. Not bad.

Yeah, not bad. Not that you care. I'm sure most of the B.P.R. Fan Club has zero interest in the boring, monotonous, brutal miles. But there is one person out there that cares. The Lt Col. 

Why? Because the Lt Col is in Florida, sitting on a beach, drinking his favorite drink - a Mia Tia. And The Lt Col is wondering if / when he will finally get on the bike and start training for Old Pueblo. Well, that's not my problem. I'm putting in the miles and I will be prepared. I will SMOKE The Lt Col at Old Pueblo. End of story!

I had a interesting encounter with Prob-eee on Saturday. I was up cruising the Geriatric Loops in the North Foothills and ran into Prob-eee. (Why was I cruising the Geriatric Loops? Well, I was looking for Prob-eee, he hangs on those easy trails.) Anyway, I was thinking about Prob-eee, wondering what type of snow suit he would be wearing on such a 'cold' day. Well, check out this pic. Prob-eee has on a massive fleece sweater, neoprene bootie covers, a wool hat (not in the pic) and I believe he was wearing some type of mittens. Yeah, it was like 45 degrees too. Insane. AND check out that cute fanny pack. Amazing.

Back of the Pack Racing is a TEAM of Individuals. Obviously.

Here is the Google Earth track of the rides on Sat & Sun. Nothing real exciting.

Check out this data from the Geriatric Loops. 31 miles and 3994 Vertical. AND I climbed about 600 feet on my way up to the North Foothills. So. It's a pretty tame ride.

Here is the data from the MONSTER ride in the South Foothills on Sunday. 31.43 miles and 5244 vertical. INSANE. It was a tough day for the 3rd day on the bike. I survived. Where was Prob-eee? On the couch. Where was The Lt Col? On the beach. The Morale Chairman? Cleaning the house. I had so much fun I cruised home, jumped on the fixie and put in another 12 miles. Just because.

 Hey, the Sandia Peak Tram.

Hey, it's Judd. And Judd is TRYING to SMILE.

Hey, it's SNOW!

Hey, it's a Cactus and a Sheep

Hey, it's a SUNSET! Whoops, I mean SUNRISE!

So, just another weekend on the bike. Many more to come. Why? Because I'm in the training mode. I need to teach The Lt Col a lesson.

Sunday, January 2, 2011

Top Ten Beer List

This is the list that everyone is waiting for. What beer fuels the Back of the Pack Racing Machine? What beer do we, the Back of the Pack racers, travel countless miles, travel through wind / rain / snow, travel at morning / noon / night to purchase and consume? What beer should you bring over to Judd's house when invited to a Cheetos BBQ?

Well, It's taken one year to build this list. Countless evenings (or afternoons) were spent taste testing. Yeah, we all have better things to do, but as a semi-official unofficial team we must do these small things to define our mission, our purpose, our future.

A Few Things to Understand:
  • This is a list that supports beer drinking in the Rocky Mountain states. If it was a national or international list, there would be a few changes. BUT this list drives the Back of the Pack Lifestyle. A beer from Michigan (Bell's Oberon) can't influence Back of the Pack behavior and / or Back of the Pack race results. Get it. 
  • The list is HEAVILY weighted by IPAs. Because Dude, that's the way it is. It's the B.P.R. Top 10 Beer List, not 'Your Top 10 Beer List'.
We could argue the Top 5. Ok, we could argue about #2 - #5. #1 is SET IN STONE. I was going to list FOUR #1 beers. But that would be idiotic. You can't have a Top 10 list with FOUR #1s. That's something a communist would do. Us Americans must support the democratic process; there is always a winner and a loser in America. Someone always gets 2nd place. AND remember, Dead Last Doesn't Mean Loser.

Anyway, The Founding Fathers all agree on this ranking. I'm sure of that.

The Back of the Pack Racing Top 10 Beer List
  1. Ska Brewing : Modus Hoperandi
  2. Marble Brewery : IPA
  3. New Belgium Brewery : Ranger IPA
  4. La Cumbre Brewing : Elevated IPA
  5. Oskar Blues Brewery : Dale's Pale Ale
  6. Steamworks Brewing Co : Third Eye Pale Ale
  7. Odell Brewing Co : 5 Barrel Pale Ale
  8. Boulder Beer: Hazed & Infused
  9. Ska Brewing : Steel Toe Stout
  10. ?  Maybe Top 9 is enough. I'll schedule a conference call.
Honorable Mentions:
When Times Are Tough and We're Late For Dinner
  • The Lt Col's Cooler : Tecate
  • The Judd's Cooler : Schlitz
  • The Morale Chairman's Cooler: Bud Light with Lime
  • Prob-eee's Cooler: White Zinfandel
  • Rhino's Cooler: The High Life
A Few Comments:
  • Two of The Founding Fathers are Durango boys. So, Ska Brewing is #1 NO MATTER WHAT. Steamworks is guaranteed a spot on the list. But Steamworks beer is not easily acquired in north central New Mexico. I could find Third Eye Pale Ale a year or two ago, but not in 2010. (Maybe I don't look very hard. Why should I when Modus Hoperandi is ALWAYS staring me in the face?)
  • La Cumbre Brewing could easily jump to #2. Once the canning process is moving and six packs make their way to the B.P.R. beer fridges - then it will easily move to #2.
  • The Judd plans to generate and distribute a B.P.R. Marketing Strategy. A beer sponsorship is the Numero Uno goal for 2011. All we ask for is patches, banners and some beer. We aren't big beer drinkers, we are finely tuned endurance athletes, so just a keg or two per race is all that we ask for. BUT we will take patches and banners and PAY for the beer, if required. We just won't tell the B.P.R. fans that we are actually paying for the beer sponsorship.
  • The Judd will hold a beer tasting / beer ranking party, if there is enough interest. We need 10+ flavors. I will organize it, we will drink it, we will rank them. Pick a date. Just remember. #1 is Modus Hoperandi. That's just the way it is.
And NO! Schlitz is not a joke. Schlitz should be / could be in the Top 10. Schlitz has fueled many parties back in the day. If you don't agree, go buy a 12 pack and bring it over. I'll educate you in the Schlitz lifestyle.

Saturday, January 1, 2011

2011: Let's start off the year with JAZZERCISE!

Let's take Ludacracy to a whole new level on the 1st day of 2011.

Yep, this is a well kept Back of the Pack secret. Jazzercise in the garage.

Jazzercise rules. And you know it. Integrate Jazzercise with Crossfit and you have one hell of a wicked workout.

The Lt Col laughs at my Crossfit workouts. Why would The Judd take 2 hrs for a 30 minute workout? Dude, it's because I integrate Jazzercise into the workouts.

This is how it is. Any questions!

Jazzercise - Back of the Pack Style from Judd Rohwer on Vimeo.
Back of the Pack Racing - A Winter Workout

Well, it's the new year. It's all about fun. We'll get serious starting tomorrow, I think.

But remember. We all must find a way to laugh AT THE WORLD every single day. We must laugh AT OURSELVES every single day. If not... we are just miserable tools that fall prey to the chaos that we call reality.