Tuesday, August 23, 2011

The Lt Col Podiums @ 24 Hrs in the Sage!

That's right B.P.R. Fans. The Lt Col predicted a podium and The Lt Col delivered... 3rd place in solo single speed. I don't know the details - as The Lt Col refuses to use technology like email, cell phones, text msgs, etc. Ok. The Lt Col refuses to use technology ONLY when he isn't flying his $70,000,000.00 helicopter, I mean airplane, I mean spaceship.

Anyway. All I know is that I wasn't at 24 Hrs in the Sage and I'll get a boatload of S*^T for months or years to come. But The Lt Col was in good hands, I think. Rick and Tracy and Nick were all rockin' out at The Sage. So I'm sure he got a hug before he hit the hay for his normal midnight nap.

The Link: 24 Hours in the Sage Results

Our friend Jeff, a fellow B.P.R. freak, B.P.R. = Big Pig Racing, sent me these photos of the race. Looks like The Lt Col was standing around more than riding. But that's cool.

Check out Jeff's race review - THIS IS THE LINK, DUDE, DUDETTE!

Anyway. Next year I will return to 24 Hrs in the Sage to secure my spot at the top of the B.P.R. Leaderboard. And I'm sure that The Lt Col will be on vacation - that's just the way it works.

Is that Rick and The Lt Col... standing around?

Looks like The Lt Col is Suffering!

just screwing around again, I think

and jaw jacking, as usual

Only 8 laps by 9AM? I wonder if I'll ever hear the real story.

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  1. Yay Lt Col!!! great job!!
    Juddy Judd ...you should have gone! the lt told me he was trying to convince you, what happened???