Saturday, February 27, 2010

I'm Confused...

Yep, I'm confused again. Is it B.P.R or P.B.R?

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Friday, February 26, 2010

Training... Back at It!

Well, I am getting back into the correct state of mind to continue the training, training for the ultra endurance events coming up in March, April, May.

So, if you are new to the Back of the Pack Racing fan club you may ask, "What's the training regime?", "How many miles? How many hours?", "What's the strategy?"

My answers: TAKE IT EASY. START OUT SLOW. Training for ultra endurance events requires an unbelievable amount of mental strength - physical conditioning and physical strength are secondary.

This weekend I plan to ripe it up on the slopes of Purgatory with my two beautiful nieces. (Home town = Durango, Purgatory was my childhood playground.)

But I'm knee deep in the training. What? How could Judd be training if he is telemarking with the girls? Easy Dude! Mental conditioning is accomplished by listening to the same song over and over for days, for weeks.

I'm currently on Day 5 of Guns N' Roses - Coma.  The video below sucks, in terms of video quality, but the music is high quality. Creating a stable mental platform for ultra endurance racing requires repetition, monotonous repetition - for weeks.  So get busy, pick your favorite song and get to it. Put the iPod on 'repeat' and see how long you can last. Bet I can last longer - let's put some money on it. How about $7000? I need to order my 3rd Black Sheep Highlight - single speed perfection!

Tuesday, February 23, 2010


So, I just dropped $100 on the two "High Resolution" photos attached below. Freeze Frame Fotography was the 'professional' photographer at the 24 Hours in the Old Pueblo. Well, what a joke. One image is 814KB (KB = kilobytes or 1000 bytes or 8000 bits for all you geeks. A 'bit' is a '1' or a '0') and the other image is 844KB.  Nothing like dropping serious cash on stupid pictures. In my opinion, an 800 KB picture is worth something like... $5. I guess the photographers need to invest in iPhones, since iPhones have a 3MB picture capability.

Well, I am always willing to 'take one for the team'.

LOW RESOLUTION Pic #1. Price = $50

LOW RESOLUTION Pic #2. Price = $50

Saturday, February 20, 2010

24 Hours in the Old Pueblo: Race Summary

We will talk about this race for a long time to come. What an experience! Back of the Pack racers delivered - we set new personal records. Probably due to the great support staff we found on the side of the road. What luck! Well, let's get right into the details. No time for small talk, it's late and tomorrow will be another training ride - of course.

The Details:

The Lt Col made the decision. 32x18 was the setup. We should know better, but we don't. In the end it all worked out.

Judd. All Business

Tedd. What the hell is he smiling about?

Tim. What the hell is he smiling about? This is a Race!

24 Hour Official Burrito Record:

The 1st Round of Burritos: Race Day

Tim - 17 1/2 Frontier burritos.

The statement that defines the race and the 5 day trip:

Why. You don't want to know.

Well, we don't have a Porta-Nester photo. Or do we? This is the Beer Tree.

The quotes that will be etched in stone:

1) Race Time = 2AM, quote from Tim 'I don't need GPS or Technology for that matter' Arnold. "Hey Judd, with all these signs and flags out here on the trail, why don't they put up mileage markers?"

2) Race Time = 8:30PM, quote from a jerk in lycra, gears, suspension. "What, you need to brake before a hill?" Oh, wait. That was Tedd, not the dude in lycra. Sorry lycra dude if I yelled at you.

The Race Summary:

The start: 2/5th of a mile walk. Definitely Back of the Pack. Next year either a) run with the pack or b) drink beer and chill for 1 hour prior to mounting the bikes.

1st lap. The race is on. Judd puts down the hammer. Tedd's pissed at the pace

2nd lap. Race still on. Judd still going balls out. Tedd's still pissed

3rd lap. Tim puts the hammer down. iPod induced. Judd and Tedd settle into the 24 hr pace

4th lap. Lights on at mile 9.5, which is 58.7 miles into the race.

5th lap. Demons take over Judds brain at 72 mile point. Exorcism via a wicked pace freed Judd, but hacks off Tim. Tedd stayed back at camp to rest and work on his bike lights.

6th lap. Serious heart burn. Dead of night. Freezing feet. Tedd finished #6 as Tim and I headed out for #7.

7th lap. Serious indegestion. Acid / bloody burps and a frozen body. Walked 1st pitch of Bitch #1. (quiters quit, walkers walk). Tedd started a prolonged break. Fell captive to the lawn chair grip of death. His plan was to head out for #7 at 3AM. (He didn't escape the lawn chair until 7AM.)

8th lap. Started ~ 4:45 AM. All good. Warm, just enough clothes, not too much. Wind picked up. Damn! Finished right before Sun up.

9th lap. The morning is here. Wind is unbelievably punishing. Demons entered my head around mile 4 which is really at the 132 mile point. I pounded the demons out with a vicious attack to the mile 13 hill. The effort proved I was good to go for another lap.

10th lap. Final lap. Started ~ 10AM. Wind was gaining strength ~ 20 mph. We calmed the 4 bitches earlier in the night, so it was just the wind holding us back. At mile 7 in the lap I initiated a full scale assault on the wind and mental demons. I hauled ass, all after 155 miles. This proved to me that I had more in reserve. Could definitely go for lap 11... But decided to call it a race and drain some brews with the teammates.

Next year? Top 10 for Judd and Back of the Pack. 12 laps is the goal.

Guesstimate of laps. Start to camp, not including burrito time.

Lap 1: 1hr 23min
Lap 2: 1hr 30min
Lap 3: 1hr 30min
Lap 4: 1hr 40min
Lap 5: 1hr 40min
Lap 6: 1hr 42min

Lap 7: 1hr 45min
Lap 8: 1hr 48min
Lap 9: 1hr 30min
Lap 10: 1hr 30min

Totals: Distance = 163.77 mile, Time = 19:05:35.53 Avg Pace = 6.59/ mi, Avg Speed = 8.6 mph
Max Speed = 26.9 Calories 10,116, Ascent = 13083, Descent = 12927

The Course, The Track, The Loop, The Miles, The Whatever!

Single Lap / Loop / Track Data

The Back of the Pack Crew: Soon to be Back of the Pack racers.

Ernesto, Neto, Nester: Shit - just "The Dude"

Cindy: the woman with all the ideas that will lead to B.P.R. FAME!

The summary of the big race. Mountain Flyer, results and pictures

The Race Review: Mountain Flyer

The Results: 24 Hours in the Old Pueblo

The Data and Pics: Judd Style

More Pics: Espinoza Style

In the End, It's all about B.P.R.

24 Hour in the Old Pueblo: Lessons Learned

Holy Smokes! I'm just recovering from the big race. I put in 20.78 miles today at a VERY SLOW pace. Wow. That is like 1/8 the distance that I put in last weekend. Anyway, I was out smelling the roses. But it's time to get back to business and document the adventure.

This posting addresses many of the "Lessons Learned" during The 24 Hours in the Old Pueblo. Why would I do such a thing? Because I'm a geek and I believe in summarizing all the important details so the same mistakes aren't made twice.

So, to start it off here are The B.P.R. Dudes before The Start of The 24 Hours in the Old Pueblo. Is that a smile on Tedd's face? Nope.

The Lesson's Learned:

1) Need a Team Bus. How do we get this going? Anyone have any ideas?

2) Like beer? Drink beer! Drink beer right up to the start of the race. The 1st 100 miles is accomplished via basic physical fitness. All the 'other' miles are entirely due to the inner strength of one's psyche. High blood / oxygen levels don't get you past the 2AM demons. Low Blood / Alcohol levels won't save you from the 2AM demons. So tip it back and relax prior to the big race.

Back of the Pack Racing must find team sponsers - New Belgium Brewing is desired, Oskar Blues would work. Ska Brewing would work. We aren't looking for handouts or cash. We are looking for free beer, free food, cool patches.

B.P.R. must develop a good plan for the lemans start. Check out the race summary posting, when I post it. If we don't come up with a good strategy - Tedd will kill me.

5) Reliable Internet access is a must, otherwise the
B.P.R. Fan Club won't receive the updates they expect. Don't count on the advertised WiFi access. WiFi access at a race doesn't mean WiFi access as you and I know it.

6) Show up 8 hrs before gates open at campground. Gate open at 12PM? Nope, they open way before 12PM.

7) Attitude, you must have a good attitude when it comes to jerks in lycra / gears / full suspension. Most of these jerks just had a 5 hour rest, so they are full of energy, feel like God and are willing to cut you off, yell at you, and otherwise act like they own the world. Don't let these jerks pull you off your endurance strategy.

8) Avoid coffee - avoid heart burn.

9) Pack the Tums - avoid indigestion.

10) Must have dry clothes for every lap, in cold temperatures. Sweat sucks, but being a jerk in lycra is not an option.

11) Avoid over dressing. Warm at start = sweat during ride = freezing at transition area.

12) Don't plan on 'extra laps' when the sun rises. Weather can & will change.

13) Foot covers? Frozen feet suck.

14) Tight socks = frozen feet.

15) Correct chain. Use a KMC chain that works with normal chain tool.

16) Helmet cam. Capture video of the 'scope out' ride prior to the race. Plan for the
FAME! (Check out the link, dude.)

17) Bottles, prefilled prior to start.

18) Fire pit - absolutely required. Need a fire pit dude that can fill Ernesto's shoes, since Ernesto will be racing next time.

19) Pills = Electolytes + Aleve

20) Headlamp for camp duties. Tedd's headlamp has cooties.

21) Firewood. Firewood. Firewood. Enough said.

22) Have a Guns N' F'n Roses play list. Why? Because, I said so.

There are definitely many more "Lesson's Learned". But I'm not spilling any more beans. (Ask Tim and Tedd to 'spill the beans'.) B.P.R. must always keep the advantage, simply because we are not mountain bike racers - we are single speed addicts that enjoy kicking the S*^T out of mountain bike racers.

Oh yeah,

23) Clone Cindy and Ernesto. A 24 hour race with out a 'Cindy & Ernesto' would just be foolish.

Monday, February 15, 2010

The LONG Drive Home

It's an 8 hour drive back to Sandia Park NM from the 24 Hours in Old Pueblo race.

The Brothers Rohwer don't really talk to each other. What's the point? After 30+ years of messing around together, there isn't much to say. But after about 5 hrs and 45 minutes of silence the following conversation took place.

Judd says: "So, Tedd. Do your legs hurt? Mine are killing me."

Tedd responds: "Nope, does your face hurt....?"

Sunday, February 14, 2010

It's Over

24 hours in the Old Pueblo is ancient history. Back of the Pack Racing logged 459.2 miles. Not bad since only 3 team members raced. Judd and Tim each completed 10 laps, 16.4 miles / lap. Tedd pulled multiple duties l, bike racing & fire pit maintenance, and was therefore limited to 131.2 miles.

Overall each racer set new personal records. The weekend was a great succes, but full of many bizarre twists and turns. The success is 100% due to the newest members of Back of the Pack Racing - Cindy & Ernesto. What a support crew!

The Back of the Pack Racers, 15 minutes prior to the 500m run / walk.

The Back of the Pack Racers, after 24 hours of pain, suffering, torture.

The Back of the Pack Support Crew, Cindy & Ernesto.

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Saturday, February 13, 2010

Pre Race Interviews with Back of the Pack

Hello everyone ! My name is Cindy and I arrived in Tucson from Atlanta to cover the 24 Hours in the Old Pueblo bike race. My usual gig is blogging over at Viva Cindy, my personal blog, and Viva la Cocina, a Mexican cooking blog. I love this change of venue and the energy of bike sporting events like this one.

First I want to thank Judd for asking me to cover the 24 hour race for Back of the Pack. What an honor. All of a sudden I feel like I am part of the cool group. The group that rides these awesome Black Sheep bikes that everyone is drooling over. I am at the camp where passers by point and stare and even stop to ask questions. I am definitely with the cool kids. I am wearing a BPR hat too!

With race time less than just 2 hours away. The riders take some time for the camera.

BPR has now joined Twitter. If you aren't on twitter yet yourself you can see we added the updates on the upper right side of this blog.

I hope you will follow along with BPR and offer your support in the comments section.

Back of the Pack Gear!

B.P.R. socks will be traded as a commodity in the near future. Final paperwork will be submitted to the Chicago Board of Trade in the near future.

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Sinful Living... Is Over

It's Race Day! Carb loading is over. Celebration brew will be cracked open in 29 hours.

Ernesto & Cindy, in a southern ATL fashion, started a Beer Bottle Tree.

Don't worry B.P.R fans. We have a zero carbon footprint and will leave no trace that "B.P.R. Was Here".

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Friday, February 12, 2010

2:1 and F'n Green Chili

The Lt Col is still not here. ETA 10:30 PM. Report from the road - I'm riding 2:1 and eating f*^kin green chili.

More pics.

A video will be posted later. But now here is a pic at the exit of the 4 bitches. I call it '4 women and 1 man one Valium' because there is no bitch in 'The 4 Bitches'

We really have options? Is this a ski area? I'm taking the easy way down. Maybe.

The night before the day.

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The Official Race Blogger

Cindy Espinoza of The Arnold Clan is the official blogger for Back of the Pack Racing at the 24 Hours in the Old Pueblo.

Cindy will be updating the blog with interviews, race updates, and the official count of hours slept by the Lt Col.

Check out Cindy's blog

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The Practice Lap

Tedd and I just completed a 'practice lap' at the 24 Hours in the Old Pueblo. Where's the Lt Col? Funny. The Lt Col had to work. HAD TO. This may be the 1st Friday he had worked in the last 20 years.

There was one major accident. That hurt. Not as bad as 'Cactus in the Butt'. Right Ernesto?

Tedd and Judd chillin' at the top of the climb.

The data of one lap. 10 is the goal. 11 laps will make me happy. That 163.3 for satisfaction. 179.6 for happiness.

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The Day Before...

The day before...
the day of...
which is before the day after

We all survived the campfire. Today will bring some eating, some biking, and a lot of nothing. Rest and more rest before 24 hrs of pain.

Back of the Pack is ready for action!

Just like "The Motorcycle Boy Reigns" in Rumble Fish - "B.P.R Reigns" via legal graffiti in the legal leaker

Judd and Ernesto hanging at the site. The B.P.R. Official Blogger, Cindy, is gearing for the blog fest. This should be a crazy test of information distribution in the information age.

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Thursday, February 11, 2010

It's Cold and....

It's cold and.... It's a long way to a legal leak. Ernesto found the alternative.

What does Judd do when Tedd, Cindy, and Ernesto are in the grocery store? Judd whispers sweet nothings into Highlight #2

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The Calm Before The Storm

Late night packing and early morning driving. A wicked start to the wicked weekend. Finished packing at 12:45 AM and alarm went off at 2AM. Tedd and I left Paako at 3:30 AM. Well, no sleep is good training for the 24 hour race.

The precious precious cargo at 0 dark thirty in Tedd's garage. At least we aren't at work. Because work sucks and racing Black Sheep single speeds is awesome.

Back of the Pack is in Arizona.

The Brothers Rohwer headed to the Tucson Airport to pick up the official B.P.R. Blogger, The Lt Col little sister Cindy and her husband Ernesto

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Wednesday, February 3, 2010

How May Days until 24 Hours in the Old Pueblo?

It's almost here. Damn, I mean it's almost on - in Tucson.  Tedd and I leave on Feb 10th. Maybe the 11th. But not the 12th. LtCol may leave on the 12th, but not the 13th. We are all racing on the 13th. The 2010 B.P.R. team uniforms are taking shape. Just waiting for one more important piece.

Last weekend I participated in a wicked 60 mile ride with Lenny Goodell - from the Big Wheel Racing team. Those Big Wheel guys (and gals) are nuts and definitely fast, but we all knew that! Yeah, now I know what happens when you combine freaks of nature with mental instability - you end up on a brutal ride, in brutal conditions and you get your ass kicked in a big way.

I knew the conditions would be questionable, but I needed a big ride and I wasn't going to be a no show. So on Friday I decided to go check out the track, from my 12,000 ft office. There was significant cloud cover, you could call it a storm. So I went up, and up, and up. Well, clouds are clouds.

So, I decided to chill out and wait for some clouds to clear. Just as I thought. Snow. Everywhere. Yep, my 60 mile ride was scheduled for 'down there'.

Do you think the Lt Col is allowed to wear the B.P.R. team gear during work hours? Probably not. But I represent the team where ever I go. Someone must. 
At mile 35.6 (or 36.5), I decided to take a picture to document the powder that Lenny was busting through. I decided that it would be best to hang back and 'widen' the track for all those other riders. Oh, no other riders showed up. Well, I still tried to widen the track.

And I just had to take a picture of the wicked mountain mustache bars. The best design in the world of single speed mountain biking. Actually. I thought I was dead meat during this ride. My feet got wet early on, then froze. Not like 'Mommy my feat are frozen', more think 'holy s*^t amputation is a possibility'. My feet were so cold that I wiggled my toes non stop for ~ 2 hours to keep the blood flowing. Didn't feel a thing. When I got home I realized that I had major blisters on my toes - and a few sores where the blisters exploded and turned into holes in the skin. Never knew it due to the 'frozen' feet. 
Well, since I didn't have enough on Saturday I hit the north foothills on Sunday with Tedd. I quit after 10 miles. Wicked trail conditions. Tedd went on, and on, and on, and on. So he says. This weekend before the big race should be easy. Just some easy miles, on easy terrain. But with the snow cover and weather the plans may evolve. That's OK, I'm all about evolution. Yeah right.

Old Man Winter

Old Man Winter is a great term. El Nino is a stupid scientific term. Let's stay with Old Man Winter.

Snow is awesome. Snow at Judd's house is awsome-er. (Awesome-er, my new word.)

Judd's hideout. Anyone what to hideout?

The Paa-ko Snowplow

Judd's cornfield is now a snowfield. Oh well, only 2 letters are different. Get it? Geek!

When it's snowing and you need to work. Just move your office to 12,500ft 

Full moons make me....HOWL!