Tuesday, February 23, 2010


So, I just dropped $100 on the two "High Resolution" photos attached below. Freeze Frame Fotography was the 'professional' photographer at the 24 Hours in the Old Pueblo. Well, what a joke. One image is 814KB (KB = kilobytes or 1000 bytes or 8000 bits for all you geeks. A 'bit' is a '1' or a '0') and the other image is 844KB.  Nothing like dropping serious cash on stupid pictures. In my opinion, an 800 KB picture is worth something like... $5. I guess the photographers need to invest in iPhones, since iPhones have a 3MB picture capability.

Well, I am always willing to 'take one for the team'.

LOW RESOLUTION Pic #1. Price = $50

LOW RESOLUTION Pic #2. Price = $50


  1. I dont know judd......i think mine are just as good and they were FREE!! ha! maybe that can be my side job in the upcoming races...support crew for BPR and photographer!!!

  2. You're hired. I've been hanging with Tim the last two days and mapping out the official B.P.R. race schedule. You need to contact your big bro and figure out when you and Ernesto can make it back out. June 19th is the next BIG 24 hour race. We need the B.P.R. ATL crew. Maybe you all can race, cook burritos and take pictures. I'm sure you can handle all the responsibility. (My 3rd string bike - the Niner - is waiting for Porta Nester.)