Sunday, February 14, 2010

It's Over

24 hours in the Old Pueblo is ancient history. Back of the Pack Racing logged 459.2 miles. Not bad since only 3 team members raced. Judd and Tim each completed 10 laps, 16.4 miles / lap. Tedd pulled multiple duties l, bike racing & fire pit maintenance, and was therefore limited to 131.2 miles.

Overall each racer set new personal records. The weekend was a great succes, but full of many bizarre twists and turns. The success is 100% due to the newest members of Back of the Pack Racing - Cindy & Ernesto. What a support crew!

The Back of the Pack Racers, 15 minutes prior to the 500m run / walk.

The Back of the Pack Racers, after 24 hours of pain, suffering, torture.

The Back of the Pack Support Crew, Cindy & Ernesto.

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  1. Great job guys. Can't wait for the videos. The burrito diet seems to have paid off. Glad I dont have to spend 8 hrs in a car with you.
    Bill, the other Arnold

  2. Congratulations Team! You have accomplished something few humans could ever hope to achieve! Hope those burritos are gone--must be fermented by now. Have a good sleep and Thanks again to Cindy and Ernesto. Now you can watch the Olympics. I think you would all make great lugers!