Friday, December 25, 2009

Ho Ho Ho

"Ho Ho Ho
Open up your Door,
I'm Santa Claus and guess what you all...
I got something to show."
Christmas, 2009

R.G.R. - Rohwer Girls Rule
Back of the Pack... Dead Last doesn't mean LOSER!
The toughest dude on the Earth. The toughest Back of the Pack racer... Theodore is 77 and ready to rip it up on the 1939 Schwinn. Yes, I stand corrected. Theodore was 7 when he received this Schwinn World for a birthday present from his 'Grandpa Dahl', my great grandfather. A 70 year old bike, and it's mine. I'll restore it in time for The Theodore to race it in the 24 hours of Leadville. No joke. That 77 year old freak will kick all of our asses! Why? It's the titanium knees and the steel single speed. Check out the brutal gear. What a beast!

So the story goes, young Theodore would ride (race) it all over Iowa. Instead of walking the hills he would do 'S' turns up the hills. That is a 1940s single speed move to keep the momentum and the cranks turning over - petal through a turn, point the wheel downhill, gain speed, turn and petal up the hill, repeat. Us 21st century losers just get off the bike and walk. Walk? Not those humanoid machines that grew up during The Great Depression.
So, Back of the Pack recruits the young and the old. Avery (8), Paige (6),The Theodore (77) and The Judd (36) are ready to dominate the ultra endurance single speed circuit. (Don't forget The Tedd and The Lt. Col!) My two beautiful nieces plan to organize a kids single speed and scooter race division. Right on!
We are ready to hit the circuit. Round two of the uniforms are in. (Next blog will address the new style, check out the pictures above.) Big banner, big brutal team. We are ready to go. Thanks Tedd & Denise!

Now, for the entertainment. Get with it - dude.

Back in the day - 1985 - a 12 year old kid in Durango Colorado was break dancing to this stuff. Yep, I was breaking down on the play ground.

Just is case all you geeks and freaks don't remember BEAT STREET

Beat Street Breakdown, Raah!

Thursday, December 24, 2009

The Christmas Eve Ride

Back of the Pack was out on the trails in the early, cold AM. The Judd and The Lt. Col represented the team. The Tedd was acting responsible and attending to serious matters at the shop. No worries, The Lt. Col's little bro, Brian, suffered with us in the snow and added some (unnecessary) biking humor to the event.

We didn't log big miles, but we definitely made 1st tracks. That is not a joke. We were breaking the trail through powder, 3 to 4 inches in some spots. Below is the data that Brian requested. Talk about a geek. Brian requested exact mileage, exact elevation gain, and exact summary of the track. Well, Brian will get some of the info, but not all of it. I don't work for free. Well, I won't work for free for a dude from North Carolina (via Ohio.) (What is a Buckeye anyway? Weird, weird people. Never associate with an OSU fan. Just my advice.)

So, the data.

The vehicle warned me..."ICE"

Are we really going to do this? The Lt Col. says "YES"
Judd's Highlight taking a break after breaking the trail through inches of powder.

Back of the Pack's Black Sheep Armada. 2 more Black Sheep will enter enter service in less than a month.
The Buckeye brothers. (Again. What the hell is a Buckeye?)
Can this dude get any uglier? Probably.

So, in the end.... Merry Christmas!

Sunday, December 20, 2009

Weekend Warrior II

Holy Smokes! Last weekend was brutal. (Actually it wasn't.)

I put in 101.56 miles with 14,842 vertical feet on my Black Sheep Highlight 29er with a 32 x 18. What does all this mean? Nothing. 80 miles the previous weekend was rough, 101 miles was not bad at all. So I guess I'm getting in decent shape. Better be, the 24 hours in the Old Pueblo is 7 1/2 weeks away. I should be good to go - on the new Highlight, custom made for this 210 lbs beast.

Friday = 40.35 miles / 5997 vertical ft
Saturday = 30.15 miles / 4875 vertical ft
Sunday = 31.06 miles / 3870 vertical ft.

Only two casualties. The display on my Edge 305 cracked. $85 repair bill. Nice. And my iPhone cracked, but still works. Only money. Only hard earned money.

Below is the graphic of the boring Sunday ride. Can you pick out my 31.06 mile route through the maze of tracks?

Maybe the 'easy' 101 was due to my recent effort to lighten the load. Damn, did I drop 3o lbs already? Nope, just got rid of the wannabe hippie look. 'Hippie' as only The Judd can be.

Before the uncomfortable session with a dude hair stylist. (Where are all the hot babes that cut hair. I'm sick of dudes fixing the dew.)
After the 'session'
Well, a fair number of miles was on the sheep since the last bottom bracket overhaul. A major creak developed over the weekend. So, the EBB (eccentric bottom bracket) had to come out. I decided that I hate EBBs. Black Sheep #2 will have the HACS (Horizontally Adjustable Chain Stay). AWESOME!

Yikes, the bike is out of commission.
Crap, what do I do now? Where is my dad when I need him. Oh, he finally retired at the age of 77. He is officially 'on the couch' now.
Ok. I figured it out. (Of course, I could do this in the dark by now.)

Almost done. Just need to find some love and crank down the crank assembly.
I'm ready to roll. Big storm rolling in tonight. Snow riding tomorrow. Why? BECAUSE I'M NOT GOING TO WORK!
In honor of the greatest band the world has ever witnessed.


Mike Ness defines 'Coolness'. And you know it.

"Ignorance like a gun in hand, reach out to the promised land
Your history books are full of lies, media-blitz gonna dry your eyes"

Sunday, December 13, 2009

Weekend Warrior

Well, it is a challenge to log miles during the week when the days are short and the weather sucks. But there is always the weekend - which usually starts for me ~ 12PM on Fridays.

This weekend was all about torture, physical and mental. 80.72 miles and 11,319 ft of climbing isn't spectacular, but it works considering the conditions and lack of motivation.

Friday's ride was in the south foothills, some snow on the trails. Check out the pic below. Saturday was in the north foothills, only 20 miles due to the punishing conditions -> snow pack for 80% of the ride, wet sand / mud for 10% of the ride, 10% OK. Sunday's 30 miles was back in the south foothills. Dry, for the most part. Lucky me. I deserved an 'easy 30' after Saturday's snowy ride. Ok, I know. I don't deserve anything.

Working through the monotony was a major challenge. 80 miles in the foothills requires many, many loops. Oh well. Beats sitting on the couch, I think. Check out my house, just a short distance from the trails, but 10,678' Sandia Peak creates an obstacle. Anyone want to hang out? Bring beer, I'll supply the Cheetos.

Data doesn't lie, at least for this ethical techno geek. (I'm not into fabricating data like the climate research / global warming psychopaths. Global warming is a joke and everyone knows it. The Earth is in complete control and the warming / cooling cycles are independent of us insignificant humans. Guaranteed.)

I put all 80 miles in without any company from the other Back of the Pack team members. Rumor has it that one team member was running around town dressed as an elf. I'm trying to acquire hard evidence on this. But I'm pretty sure the dude (withholding the name until proof is established) looked something like this.

Saturday, December 12, 2009

When I Grow Up

I want to be just like 'Mac' in the movie The Thing - 1982. Really it's a documentary, you know it.

Why do I aspire to be like Mac? Is it his... good looks? Nope. Is it his hat? Maybe.

It's the obvious - he has interrogated aliens and has stepped foot on UFOs. AND he lived to tell about it in the documentary - THE THING.

Tuesday, December 8, 2009

A Kid from Colorado (via Minnesota)


Even if it makes it tough to ride the single speed.

What can I say. I live in New Mexico but know that Colorado is where I belong - thus the winter weather is AWESOME!

This is my pad (Welcome to my HOME, as one asshole said long, long ago to my brother - The Tedd.)

I could use a hot female roommate. Only $2K per month, room & board. If "board" means Cheetos & Tortillas - I'm a great cook.

I'm driving into the blizzard. Yes, it was a certified blizzard.
Back at the house. Still snow after a long day at work. Long day as in Judd-FLOPS, like TeraFLOPS. Not... hours worked. Just for clarification. FLOP = Floating Point Operations per Second. Geek. Tera = 1 trillion. Geek.

So I had a long day, as measured by Judd-FLOPS. But there was still the snow to welcome me home. No hot babes though. Cheetos anyone? Anyone?
Nice View, ain't it

Well. The winter is just getting started. So, more later. I think.

In honor of my 2 favorite words in the English Language...

Friday, December 4, 2009


Holy Moses. It was cold today.

I woke up at 5:30 and decided to go to work. (It was my day off today, but I like to support the American way and be productive.) So, the car was loaded, I was full of caffeine and ready to roll. The outside temp was 2 deg! Crap. Well before I cranked the engine I decided to check one thing on the Internet - wanted to look at the Fifteen G Cranks, again. Well. I never made it to work. I stayed home, finished The Wrestler (what a movie, I almost got sick) and then watched the Victoria Secret Fashion Show. I watched the show for the.... opening performance of The Black Eyed Peas - of course. So, I hit the trails at 12:25PM. I couldn't take the couch stuff anymore. My Hope Pro II SS hub was suffering from a broken pawl spring, but I decided to put some miles in with 3 out of 4 pawls. Not a big deal. Right? I don't know.

Anyway, It had warmed to 22 deg by the time I mounted the Black Sheep. Awesome weather. Like the Back of the Pack team riding jackets? Bitchin', huh? My upper body was warm. Feet and hands frooze - after the sweat soaked my socks and winter gloves. Yes, when your heart rate hangs out at 160 to 180 you sweat, even in frigid weather.

Well. I put in 20.5 miles, 3100 vertical feet. Not bad for the conditions.

So when I returned to The Crib I was happy to see that the replacement springs arrived. The dudes at Hope - USA are awesome. They sent me the replacement parts free of charge. Killer.

After a decent Crossfit workout I tackled the pawl spring replacement task. No problem for this dude. I'm not afraid of a wrench and grease. (Some other Back of the Pack racers are not so adventurous. I'm not naming names. But there is one dude that flies multi-million dollar planes - he runs away from the wrenches. That's ok. Anyway, I'll spend my cash on Black Sheep bikes & do the work myself. The local shops can do what they do to make cash, whatever that is, but they won't get my cash.)

This is the pawl and busted spring removed from the freehub / pawl / spring assembly.

The pawl installation after the new spring was slipped in.

The freehub / pawl assembly ready for installation in the Hope Pro II SS hub.
No problem, MOFO.

Below is me kickin' it after the successful fix. What a nice Friday night out - out in the garage. Garage party anyone? Anyone? Anyone out there? Oh well. I'll just head into the structure I call home, have a short conversation or two with the resident ghosts and then get horizontal on the couch. Need to rest up before the sub-Arctic ride tomorrow.

So, the Black Sheep is back in action with a Hope hub that actually has a full set of functioning pawls, again.

I thought it would be a good history lesson to add in a picture of my dad's 1940 Schwinn World. (Of course I have all rights to the bike now.) The dude, Theodore Rohwer, acquired this bike when he was 8 years old. Yes! 8 years old. Look at the chainring on this beast. It weighs in at 42 lbs. My dad doesn't understand my addiction to titanium Black Sheep. He doesn't understand the desire to have a sub 20 lb single speed. Back in the day young Theodore rode this 42 lb beast all over Iowa. (His sister had/has one too!) Young Theodore was so small when he got this bike he would place the bike in a gutter and get on while standing on a curb.

Tough dude. They don't make them like they did back in 30s and 40s. No, I am not talking about bikes. I am talking about the male species. Specifically American boys / men before and during WWII. We all wish we were as tough as the Americans back then. I think I will restore this beast. I bet my 77 year old dad will show up at one of the 24 hour races and ride the beast in the solo SS division.

Oh crap, just remembered. My dad is a fan of titanium. He has TWO titanium knees. Yep, they don't make them like the did back in the day.
Well, I guess I should end this with a killer video from my second favorite band. KORN.

Check out this video. Damn!

Thursday, December 3, 2009

Training? In the Winter? Really?

The Land of Enchantment -
Wicked Winter Enchantment

So, life is presenting some challenges right now. The killer single speed (Black Sheep Highlight) has not been put to use in a few days, wheel problems - broken spokes and broken pawl springs. But the fix is in the works. Then there is the weather. I thought I lived in the LAND of ENCHANTMENT. Nope, I live in the LAND of the DEEP FREEZE. Check out the outside temperature, as indicated in the rear view mirrors of The Judd Machine.

15 Degrees? This is at 4:30 PM! And about 6 miles away from my Palatial Estate in the Northern New Mexico Mountains. (Well, Northern is a stretch, how about North Central?)
Ok, after a quick stop at the grocery store the temperature dropped to 11 deg! (I was out of lettuce / tomatoes / mushrooms = salad, of course. Shit, Dan Quayle? Dan Quayle? Is there an "e" in tomatoes, you know - potatoe? Anyway, back to reality.) Wait, did I just take a picture while driving down N14? Nope, I stopped in the middle of the road. I'm a safe picture taker. I may text and drive, but I don't take pictures and drive. (Yep, I caused a traffic jam for this picture - learned the technique from my dad.)
Whoa! Its warming up! 13 degrees at The Compound of THE JUDD. Nice. At least I won't need to turn the heat on tonight. Can't get the monster mansion too warm, all the vampires, werewolfs, skinwalkers and ghosts would join me for the night. Ok, the ghosts already took over the house. At least they only torment me, mentally - they don't actually violate The Judd's personal boundaries.
So, the NoTube wheels are in the shop, i.e., Judd's garage. Without a functional set of wheels how does one train for the 24 Hours in the Old Pueblo - February 13th / Tucson AZ? Crossfit Workout of the Day, of course. (Thanks Tim, you are so cool for introducing me to this self inflicted form of torture. Oh well, I dig the torture thing.)

Then after Crossfit I embark on my legendary method of Ultra Endurance Training. I call this training "Mental Conditioning Via the Monotony of Repetitious Rock n' Roll"

Top on the list this week is CAGE THAT ELEPHANT - BACK AGAINST THE WALL.

Blanket of silence
Makes me want to sink my teeth in deep

Burn all the evidence
A fabricated disbelief

Pull back the curtains
Took a look into your eyes

My tongue has now become
A platform for your lies

Ok, but at times I need to get my groove on and rock out.

Nonpoint - Bullet with a Name works for me.

IF I CANT queue up SOCIAL DISTORTION, THE BEST BAND IN THE UNIVERSE, I'll go with Nonpoint - Today. (Yes, Social Distortion is the best band in the Universe. I know. I've been abducted, multiple times. I'll discuss Social D in a future posting, maybe.)

See everybody watching and passing judgement
on every little move and decision I make.
How can i be an individual with the weight of the world
8 other planets to take?
and with everything happening
gunshots clapping and people all
running in every direction
with their hands up praying for the drama to end,
I got my hand out looking for some money to spend.


I'm working harder than a hundred black mules down in Mexico.
No water, no clouds, no cover,
from the hotter than Hell no dinner bell,
empty oven again from another bad opinion.
I mean who doesn't want the cars,
money, fame, attention, bars, honeys,
games, attention, stars?

Funny how we say we don't need it
then turn around and try to achieve it.

Then, when I get a little lonely, wishing I had a sweet female voice to..... DRIVE ME CRAZY LATE AT NIGHT ... I set the Lacuna Coil on Auto-Replay.

AND -----

Enjoy the silence...
Enjoy the silence...
Enjoy the silence...
Enjoy the silence

As my buddy, the Lieutenant Colonel would say... "It's like Crickets"

So, remember. Commit to the monotony and pick your song. 20 or 30 times a day is the minimum. Listen / Learn / Enjoy / Train.

Until next time ... Don't let your Meat Loaf.

And remember:

Haters Hate. Winners Win. Quitters Quit. Geeks Geek Out. Rockers Rock Out.

And Judd Just....