Thursday, November 26, 2009

The Race Face

The RACE FACE. The most important part of any competitive adventure. What is your RACE FACE? This idea for the RACE FACE entry started with the 'upgrade' to my ride - the Black Sheep Highlight.

I had 180 cranks installed in the early days, then due to a minor 'issue' I was forced to go to Shimano XTs - 175s. I'm one raging geek and I couldn't deal with the 175 mm vs. 180 mm crank issue. Some people claim 175s allow for improved acceleration. But I'm a believer in "TORQUE". So, maybe some day I'll work on the mechanics of crank length and the single speed experience. But until then, believe me - 180s are the solution. End of Story.

If you don't believe me, research mechanics of cranks, lever arms, shafts, pistons, gears, etc. Write me a report. For fun, review the Coriolis Equation, Centripetal Acceleration (Ok, go for Centripetal Force - BFD!) Centrifugal Force, Angular Acceleration, and the list goes on. Cool Stuff! Easy Shit. Mechanics, Mechanical Engineering is easy stuff. Life gets hard once one migrates to Electrical Engineering and the "Oh no, I can visualize this crap" excuse comes into play. Visualize? Yeah right, that is what MATLAB is for. Right?

Back to Reality....

So, RACE FACE means so much more to the world of Back of the Pack Racing. Let's start with info from the 24 Hours of Moab. Check out the RACE FACE displayed in the Mountain Flyer Mag - end of the article. Yep that's me.

Check out the video. Scan to 1:30, you won't see the RACE FACE, but you will see the Brothers Rohwer and the RACE FACE in action, but from behind. Nice - is that in slow motion? Must be. But probably isn't.

Now, lets review all the RACE FACE(s) of Back of the Pack Racing.

This is "The Judd" kickin' it at the pad. Yep, I wake up ever day looking like this.

This is the Brothers Rohwer, hanging at 10,400 ft - Sandia Peak. CRAP! Is Tedd really that scary. Well, it's worse in person. Believe me. The devil himself is scared of TEDD!

This is the Brothers Rohwer at the 24 Hours of Fury. Yes, we ride at night.

This is The Judd hanging near Salida. RACE FACE it is, right before a Dale's Pale Ale at the awesome Boathouse Cantina. Yep - This is the ride where I basically ran into a WOLF. No joke.

This is the "Tim and Tyler RACE FACE". Scary. One set of BAD DUDES! Yep, that family rides at night too.

This would be the "Porn Stash" RACE FACE. This dude freaks me out. I would hate to meet the dude in a dark alley. Lucky for me, I don't know any Majors. I just hang with Lieutenant Colonels.
What the... What kind of RACE FACE is this? Tyler - you scare us all. Again and again and again. But that is the coolness of Back of the Pack Racing.
Another RACE FACE. Noah is one wicked dude. Yep, all the babes flock over this young stud.
Another shot of the RACE FACE and The Judd. Is that a KORN shirt? Of course. When all the BPR jerseys are dirty, the KORN shirts come out.

The start of the RACE FACE and the mechanics shirt. The glory days never end. And yes, the Brothers Rohwer kicked total ass over the freaks and their downhill suits. Sure, we have downhill suits left over from the 'original' glory days. But we wouldn't be caught dead in those skin tight mean machine outfits. Some things are better left in.... the closet.

Wow! Is this a RACE FACE or a face of a Rugby Warrior? I don't know. But I'm still scared and my mother is still shaking her head. It is hard to believe what some mother's must live through. It is hard to believe that this RACE FACE w/ Mohawk actually turned into a productive element of society. Maybe I'm stretching the truth. Maybe.
Oh yeah, MOFO! The beginning of the RACE FACE and the BROTHERS ROHWER. That would be around 1978 at Calico Hill in Durango Colorado. Back then red was for 1st, blue was for 2nd. Right Tedd? The Brothers Rohwer took no prisoners in 1978 and take no prisoners in 2009. That IS the way IT IS!
Those in charge renamed Calico Hill to "Chapman" Hill in the late 70s or early 80s. (What's the difference?) Anyway, who the hell is Chapman? Well, what the hell is Calico? OK, who the hell cares?

Anyway, without a RACE FACE a dude is forever lost in the crowd - searching for an identity. So, find your RACE FACE, dude!

Wednesday, November 25, 2009

B.P.R Saves The Turkey, Turkey

My beautiful 6 year old niece, Paige, understands the power available to the "Back of the Pack" racing clan. Paige used the power to save a turkey at her school 'turkey roast'. It is obvious that the BPR turkey will live to see tomorrow. And I am sure Paige is counting the hours until she can pedal away with her Padre - Tedd.

Like the socks? A-W-E-S-O-M-E!

Yes, we start them young in Back of the Pack Racing. It is a life long commitment to excellence. (Is that a stupid Oakland Raiders saying? Probably. So screw it.) Back of the Pack Racing requires a life long commitment to something. I just don't know what the 'something' is, yet. But Paige knows, Paige is Omniscient. Look it up, dude.

Yep, the Omniscient One.

Ok, dude. As stated above, Paige is Omniscient as defined as "having complete or unlimited knowledge, awareness, or understanding; perceiving all things." Good luck with that one, dude. If you can't handle those big words - then go back to bed. I'm headed to the trails.

Happy Thanksgiving, or Thanks Giving, or Thanks for Giving, or Thanks for Giving Your Hard Earned Cash in Form of Taxes Paid - If you are a Tax Payer. I pay so much in taxes that I can only eat Cheetos for dinner. Where is the justice? Dude. (Oh yeah, I'm living the high life. Got a Miller? Miller High Life that is.)

Monday, November 9, 2009

24 Hours Of Fury


3rd Place. 14 laps = ~ 140+ miles in 22 hours and 32 minutes. It was a good day & night, overall. Tedd kicked butt too - finished 7th in the Solo Single Speed category with 11 laps in 22 hours, 29 minutes and 59 seconds.

Back of the Pack Racing definitely overachieved at the 24 Hours of Fury. How did this 6' 1" 215 lbs dude pull off the upset? (Ok, 6' 1.5" with shoes on, 6' 0.75" with no shoes & socks, I think.) What are my training methods? How do I manage 20+ hours of PAIN? It's for me to know and you to find out.

Well, the experience wasn't exactly all peachy (or should this son of a Baskin-Robbins owner say - "It wasn't all Chocolate Chip and Chocolate Mint" - my favorite flavors.) there were some rough times. I crashed hard at mile 47.23, around 5:40 PM. Yep, it hurt, but I didn't cry. Then I came down with an insane headache. I've never experienced a mountain bike induced headache. The cause? Who knows. Maybe the crash, maybe the low altitude, maybe the gross syrup like energy shots I was ingesting, maybe just the Mtn Biking Gods screwing with me.

Funny thing, at about 8:30PM the Devil of 24 Hours entered my head. Quitters QUIT! CRAP! I thought the headache would force me to quit. You can imagine the chaos created by my rogue thoughts. NUTS! Quitters QUIT, Judd wants to QUIT. Will he QUIT..........NOPE.

I suffered through 2 more laps after the crash then decided to get horizontal after mile 70. I spent around 4 hours at the campsite. The headache went away and I returned to action around 12:54AM. I was good to go. I held a steady pace until 6:10AM, took a break for a quick turkey sandwich with Cheetos (of course), then hit the trail again around 6:44AM. 3 more laps, 30 miles and the race was over for me. 142.01 miles, says the GPS. My conservative goal was 150 miles, maybe next time. I'm happy with 142.

Tedd and I rode together at times, and went at it alone at times. Basically we were both in survival mode, and we survived. Of course there were many, many lessons learned. Next big race - 24 Hours in the Old Pueblo, February 13th & 14th. The Back of the Pack Racing trio - Judd, Tedd, and Tim will all be riding solo and all riding the famous Black Sheep single speeds. Should be a killer event for the team.

The Old Pueblo race will be a different animal. All the superheroes will be at the race, thus we all need to step up the training, nutrition plan, and mental imagery. Dead Last doesn't mean LOSER, but a 24 hour race requires one to race for 24 hours. Therefore we can't let down. So, what's the game plan for the 24 Hours in the Old Pueblo? My plan is to drop 25 lbs and unleash the lean mean riding machine - the rider formally known as The Judd. Stay tuned for details.

Follow the link for the results.

Judd chillin' at the Saguaro during Friday's pre-ride.

Tedd setting the insane pace during the pre-ride. Why so fast on Friday? The fear of Javelina making a meal out of us.

Tedd scoping out the competition and preparing for the Lap 1 assault.

Tedd's 10PM dinner. What the...! Oh yeah, Peanut Butter and Jelly + Cheetos. Is that a bite out of the sandwich? Of course, Tedd always tries the sandwich before the Cheetos make the meal. Just because.

Data is King, Talk is Cheap - so follow the link:

Wednesday, November 4, 2009

White Mesa & The Full Moon - So Romantic

A few of us hit the White Mesa trails Monday night under the full moon. I would say it was night to remember, a night of romance with that special someone... but it wasn't. A late night biking experience with three Air Force pilots and one wanna-be astronaut (or wanna-be CIA operative, or wanna-be truck driver, or wanna-be rock star) tends to produce a competitive environment with ZERO hand shaking, butt slapping, or group hugs. And why White Mesa on the night of the full moon? Well, White Dirt + Full Moon = No Lights Required. Awesome!

With this group of riders, or should I say psychopaths, if you can't get your ass across the slope, down the hill, up the rocks and back to the car - then you will be a late night snack for the New Mexico based Skinwalkers. Ever hear of a Skinwalker? Well head out to the New Mexico desert and check it out. You may survive, you may not. We all did. But that is because we had a 41 year old machine leading the way. That machine goes by the name of CAGE! (Is that like 'Nicolas CAGE'? Nope. It's like 'CAGE him up before he EATS your YOUNG!')

Speaking of Cage, here he was conducting the pre-brief.
A few minutes rest at the 1/2 point.

Here is a pic of us checking out the danger that lurks in the 'bowels of Hell". (That would be a New Mexico sink hole - for you geologists out there.)
The last climb and an opportunity to survey the landscape under the full moon.
Damn. Anyone have a bottle opener? Tedd, we need your jaws of steel over here, Tedd? Oh crap, he didn't make the ride... Tim saves the day. (BTW, I just realized - "Jaws of LIFE" was a result of Tedd's demonstrated ability of opening beer bottles with his teeth in Mexico. To think I never made that connection. I'm a dumb ass!)

I'm still confused. Who got it wrong, BPR or PBR? Interesting. I'll lose some sleep over this.

And just when you think the new day is here, you wake up, head to work and the Harvest moon is still up and full. (Is it the harvest moon? Or was that last month.) Anyway, my corn field needs some harvesting. Ok, maybe not. The deer, beers, mice, weasels, vampires, werewolfs, and skinwalkers have pretty much devoured my corn. That's cool. Better to chew on the corn then Judd's flank side. Nice moon at 6:30 AM, ain't it?

And for all you geeks out there. (Yes, you know who you are.) Below is a graphical rendition of the experience. The data is below. Lucky for us, the hotties / babe-o-rama's / chicas didn't show up, there were serious traverses across wicked slopes / cliffs / etc, a few dips in the toxic pools of Earth excrement and a few screams here and there due to shear fright. Not that the babes couldn't handle it, it's just not cool to show fear in front of the babe you want to impress. Oh wait, no chicks will talk to me - let alone ride with me. Well, the Air Force pilots (Top Gun types) didn't want to dent the cool factor with the momma-sons.

So, you may ask, "Why 2+ hrs for 8 miles?" Well, you weren't there. It's tough dude, tough.

One comment before I go & crank out the daily Crossfit routine - with a six pack.


...a few thoughts via the killer band AGAINST ME!

"Please tell me I'm not the only one,
that thinks we're taking ourselves too seriously,

Just a little too enamored with inflated self-purpose.

Talk is cheap.
And it doesn't mean much.
Don't lose touch.

Constant entertainment for our restless minds.
Constant stimulation for epic appetites.
Is there something wrong with these songs?
Maybe there's something wrong with the audience.
Manipulation in rock music, fucking nausea.

I'm losing touch.
I'm losing touch, and it's obvious..."