Monday, September 28, 2009

Team Uniforms are In!

Back of the Pack Racing has entered the big time, team uniforms. It took some time (and some cash) but the team can now roll with the best. Wait a second, why team uniforms? Man, I don't know - just because. Anyway, the team always has room for new 'teammates' but not just anyone can wear these colors, these patches. Below is a sample of the criteria that must be met by each Back of the Pack racer.

1) Must know what the definition of 'is' is
2) Must know the 3 speeds of a single speed
3) Must know the 3 reasons why one rides a single speed
4) Must believe that 'The Truth is Out There'
5) Must understand that 'I Want To Believe'
6) Must understand that Elvis is alive
7) Must support the lycra & spandex ban (We don't need to see the 'front butt')
8) Must support the international movement of eliminating all words that contain more than 2 syllables (How many syllables does 'syllables' have?)
9) Must be willing to debate the strategies of catching mice with glue traps
10) Must be able to go 'off roading' at a restaurant, jump out of the bushes, and say without missing a beat "Honey, can I ask you a secret" (This is tricky, explanation required, but explanation withheld)

Team Jerseys are KILLER! Do they make one look skinny? Well, it ain't lycra dude.

Team hats decorate the melon. What does '27' represent? Figure it out.

Team socks are... well I have 60 pairs so I'll be wearing them to work, to bed, to the shower, to the beach, to the ski slops, to the moon (hopefully), to Mars (not likely), to a UFO (next abduction, for sure) and to my funeral - in 60+ years. Want a pair? Well, there is at least 10 criteria listed above that must be met before these slang laced cotton bad boys are handed over. Then again, if you offer Tedd or Tim a beer, I bet they will trade off some inventory for a few cold suds.

And one more thing. The most important part of the criteria

11) ...........

Ok, I can't say it on this G-Rated blog, listen to the song / watch the video and pick out the line that best fits my beauty pageant picture below.

And if you can't figure it out - keep your eyes open (and arms outstretched) for team water bottles in 2010! The 2nd team motto will proudly be displayed up front and central. Minimum order is 300, so I'll be attempting to trade water bottles for food.

The 2009 24 Hours of Moab

Big race coming up on Oct 10th - Oct 11th. 24 hours of pain. The team song for this race is by my buddy, my hero, Rob Zombie. Someday I will have a bitchin' look, just like Mr. Zombie.

Check out the YouTube video.

And if this doesn't work for you, check out the next video from Mr. Zombie previous band. I swear I'm in the video, can you 'find me' or should I say 'hear me'?

Saturday, September 26, 2009

Stone Temple 8

Man, is this going to hurt? When doesn't it hurt?

The race course was awesome. My performance sucked. Check out the data, geek. My max heart rate was 192. Permanent damage? Yeah, like that hasn't happened before to The Judd. I finished 6 laps, 47.5 miles and roughly 7100 ft of climbing. Not a bad test for the 24 hours of Moab - coming up on Oct 10 & 11. I figured out a good pace for endurance and learned how to suffer like an obese pig waiting in line at the slaughter house. What does that mean? Hell if I know.

The picture above is taken at my favorite hang out. This was a spot at mile marker 4.65. (Is there such a thing as a mile marker at 0.65 past the mile, that is 0.35 prior to the next mile. Figure it out.) Anyway, I would stop at this spot and watch all the racers attempt the tricky section of trail. Good entertainment.

Check out the data, more pictures will follow once the official Back of the Pack photographer gets his act together. (That would be The Padre, who also served as official fan, official driver, and official AARP representative.)

Click on this link for the info and preliminary pics

The data, dude / dudette

So, what did I learn on this trip? I learned that The Padre had a 1957 Chevy just like the one pictured below. Yep, pimp daddy!

Saturday, September 19, 2009

Single Speed World Championships 09'

SSWC09: Durango ColoRADo

What can I say? Nothing. The pictures tell the story. Actually I will say more, when I recover. It was awesome. But brutal. I showed my age, only stayed at the Race Party until 10 PM. Just can't hang anymore. Oh well, better to get my beauty sleep versus making a complete fool out of myself. Oh wait. I do that everyday.

Next year - New Zealand. Tedd & Family are in. So I'm in. More later. But you can check out the pictures via the link below.

Thursday, September 17, 2009

Black Bear Pass - The Notorious

Holy Moses!

I finally made the trip over Black Bear Pass, but on my single speed. It was wicked, wicked fun. Next time I will follow Padre - who will go over in a Jeep-Jeep. More details later. Check out the pics, if you want.

Sunday, September 13, 2009

UFO Chasing by Night, Mountain Biking by Day

So, the week after Labor Day was one to remember. It was filled with late night UFO chasing and late afternoon mountain biking. Why would one chase UFOs late at night? Why not? Why would one mountain bike during the late afternoon? Because one must rest after the crazy night of chasing UFOs.

The UFO chasing occured near Alamogordo, New Mexico. The mountain biking was 15 miles east, near Cloudcroft, New Mexico. A very smart geographer would note that Lincoln National Forest surrounds Cloudcroft, I think. So, I was mountain biking in the land of Smokey the Bear. No Joke. There was a Smokey the Bear. Read up on your history.

More to follow. As soon as all the data is processed with the 128 node quad core. (What the hell does that mean? I heard the lingo this week during the UFO chasing activities.)

Monday, September 7, 2009

Back of the Pack Racing, Annual Convention

The Back of the Pack Racing Annual Convention was held up at Ponderosa Campground, NE of Jemez Pueblo, NM. The whole crew was there. Tim took a break from his temporary work assignment in NC and flew in for a couple of days. Tedd ditched work and cruised north to setup camp. And I used the excuse of 'bike maintenance' to sidestep any responsibility associated with the camping trip.

The weekend was awesome. The convention went as planned. All B.P.R. business was handled over numerous cans of Tecate and Dale's Pale Ale. That's cool. Of course, we all put on some pounds due to the massive amounts of food assembled by Denise & Michelle (2 major players in B.P.R.) and Denise's twin Donna. All the beer calories were burned off on the bike, I think.

Speaking of the bikes, a few good rides were logged over the weekend. Day 1 of the convention yielded a very short ride due to a major thunderstorm and one B.P.R 'horse' that went down with a busted crank. Day 2 included one decent 20 mile ride with two wicked climbs. Check out Tim and Tedd working on the busted crank in the middle of the major downpour.

Next year? Who knows. Something will happen, somewhere.