Sunday, August 30, 2009

Have Faith? Judd Does - The Faith Fork

Tedd and I headed up to Colorado to do some camping, mounting biking, and UFO watching. We camped in Frisco on Friday and Saturday, sweet campground - aside from all the dead trees. Of course we had to belly up to the bar at the Backcountry Brewery AND we left the joint with a PIG of Telemark IPA, awesome. Tedd couldn't find his tent, no big deal - a picnic table works. On Saturday we cruised up to Fort Collins to pick up the new Faith Fork for the Black Sheep bike. James, owner / designer / builder of Black Sheep bikes set me up with the killer fork. Check it out. On Sunday we rode up Boreas Pass, 11,500 ft at the summit, cool ride. It's always a good thing to peak out above 11,000 ft.

On a funny note, Tedd and I were killing 'The Pig' in the parking lot, two chunky chicks came up to us in a Cadillac Escalade and asked - 'You guys giving tours?' Yep, must be the team uniforms.

Next adventure? Who knows. Maybe Alien Chasing while I'm flying down near Alamogordo in the middle of the night. Sounds like a plan.

Check out the picture below, I'm cruising on James' ZAMer - awesome. I need one. Yeah, I need about 3 more Black Sheep bikes. Why? Why Not?

Check out the data:

Check out more photos

Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Single Speed World Championships 09' (SSWC09) - In or Out?

My entry, #2. The beautiful nieces, Avery & Paige, did all the hard work for me. The race is Sept 19th in my hometown of Durango CO. If I'm in, I'll make one hell of a killer trip out of it. More to come.

Friday, August 14, 2009

Tim Conquers the 18 hour - Scouts Honor Race

Tim, one of the most accomplished racers is the Back of the Pack Racing Team, suffered through an 18 hour race on August 14th, the link to the results are below. The race started at 4PM and ended at 10AM. Night riding, nice!. Tim was 17 out of 32 of all solo males - Tim's was happy / surprised as stated in his own works - "since i felt like the only people i ever passed fell into one of four categories: chicks, fat dudes, people with a broken bike, and guys on unicycles (yes, there were two guys there who were even dumber than a rigid singlespeeder)."

Tim learned a few lessons:

1. don't do it. drinking beer is easier
2. bring a fresh change of clothes for each lap, especially if you're in the southeast where nothing will dry out. i have a serious case of diaper rash.
3. bring lots of batteries for a race which lasts all night. luckily, my light ran on aa batteries and i found someone to bum some from
4. racing in a wifebeater seems to carry some sort of bad karma. the last time i did it was at cedro a year ago, i bit it and got all scraped up. this year i rocked one for the last two laps and i decorated it crimson again. lots of blood from the elbow, but no serious damage. either karma or i was half asleep.
5. bring someone to drive you home. that was a brutal five hours
6. oh yeah, don't try to fart after an 18 hour race. i didn't confirm anything, i just bought some new shorts.

Next year? Doubt it since Tim will be back in the Land of Enchantment and moving forward to the 24 hour races. Killer.

Monday, August 10, 2009

Crazy 88, Flagstaff Arizona

The race was awesome. The 84 mile track included over 50 miles of single track. Amazing trails and amazing scenery. My fitness level is to the point where I can ride hard for long miles, not just survive. So I felt good. But there was a small accident at mile 75. I'll spare you with the details. Let's keep it positive in this forum. So, two killer dudes, brothers I believe, helped me out. Matt Field and his bro Jason. (Actually, I rode about 30 miles with them, great guys.) Well, life goes on. Check out the team uniforms. Check out the data.

Check out the race review from Nathan. The Crazy 88 is his doing. Awesome!

Sunday, August 2, 2009

Black Sheep Fix It Trip #2

I spent a awesome weekend driving to Fort Collins CO and then over to Breckenridge CO. Doesn't take much for me to get in the car and go for a ride, assuming there is a mountain bike trail at the end of the road.

Saturday, August 1st: The fix on the Black Sheep is in the books. James, The Man, did the job and even added a reinforcement piece to my forks. I can't wait to order Sheep #2. I am an addict. Crap, addictions are bad, I think. The downside of the trip, campsites were full. So once again, I paid $100+ for a lice infested bed. Ok, maybe I avoided lice. BUT maybe not.

Sunday, August 2nd: I decided to ride the 1st climb of Loop 1 in the Breckenridge 100 race course. The data says it all. Brutal climb up to 12,460 ft. 1200 ft in 3 miles, 3094 ft in 6.68 miles. That is just gross. But I did it, walked a bit once I reached 11,500 ft. The road / trail became very rough, rocky, steep. Very unfriendly to single speeds. Gale force winds kept the temperature down. That's good. Don't want to over heat at that altitude. We know that convection cooling is an issue at altitude. We do know that, right?

So, the next big event is the Crazy 88 in Flagstaff next Saturday. I will be ready. Los padrinos are tagging along as the support crew. Maybe T & D & A & P will make it, probably not - they need a break. Team uniforms should be ready this week. Famous dude, famous. As always, check out the data, MOFO.