Saturday, March 1, 2014

24 Hrs in the Old Pueblo: The Morale Chairman DOMINATES... at the back of the pack

24HITOP v2014 will go down in the books as... just another awesome weekend with awesome dudes and dudettes. Yeah. We could say it's was the best weekend of 24 hour chaos, EVER. But, you see, we have a great time no matter where we are or what we are doing. Because that's how we do it.

But this weekend was a bit different, a bit new. The Freak Count, i.e., the total freaks in The Crew at the Back of the Pack, expanded over that last year or so. And this was the first opportunity for a critical mass to assemble. And let me tell you, the critical mass went Critical, if you know what I am saying. And that's JUST THE WAY we like it. 

So read on, if you care. Or don't. 

but first, like the Back of the Pack Pit / Drive-In at Old Pueblo. 
Anti-Professional Photography at its Finest

The strategy of The Founding Fathers:
The Crew at the back of the pack now consists of each and every type of Hooligan that you can imagine.

Sunday, February 2, 2014

Arrowhead 135 v2014: Holy Moses... Simply Unbelievable

I'll be serious to start this soliloquy, before I dive into The Alternate Reality that governs us at The Back of the Pack. (And yes, I am talking to myself, I really am. I think.)

The Overview:

The Arrowhead 135 has the greatest assembly of humans ever, at any one place, in any one event. That's why the Arrowhead 135 is truly the best race in The Universe. The race organizers, race volunteers, spectators... JUST AWESOME

And the Racers! The most courteous / gracious athletes I've encountered. Think about that. Every racer is frozen. Miserable. But friendly & courteous. It's like every racer is your long lost brother. Seriously. I love it! And then there are the awesome Minnesota inhabitants. Everyone is awesome. Hotel operators. Bar tenders. Waitresses. You name it. Awesome humans. I love everything about northern Minnesota. And not just because I'm a Minnesota native... raised in Colorado, of course. 

And we now have two years that serve as data points... 

Anyway. The Arrowhead v2014 was the biggest physical / mental achievement of all my athletic endeavors. And the 2nd best experience of my life... right behind The Antarctica / South Pole trip. (And sorry, only a trip to The Moon will beat out The South Pole.)

I have yet to come down from the adrenaline, the high generated by the OUT OF THIS WORLD experience. It's that awesome. It just is.

And, by the way, if you aren't interested in The History, from The BPR Hustorian, then just check out the pics from the website. Awesome. (Although I still don't understand that thing called a 'derailleur'.)

The Alternate Reality... as I Experienced IT:

Ok. Here it goes. Below is an volume or two of information. Some serious. Some not. That's just how I operate. That's how I roll.

Tuesday, January 7, 2014

2014: A Schedule for Ludacracy... Managed CHAOS

I was planning to construct a large scale review of the 2013 events. Because:

If you don't understand The History... you can't MANIPULATE The Future.

But then I realized that The Crew, the BPR Fan Club, the general public has a finite attention span and thus the large scale effort would be a waste of ONE valuable resource... a limited natural resource... my time. 

So I decided to construct a list of 2014 events that we plan to attend.  
(We = me + The Morale Chairman + any and all freak jobs that want to hang)

And let it be known that 'plan' is defined in OUR Alternate Reality. And this reality changes at random and unpredictable intervals. Just say'n.

And before we get to the agenda - remember... 
Ja Love You More and that's fore-sure. 

Arrowhead 135:
date: January 27 - 28+
the history: Arrowhead 135 v2013
comments: the weather is the unknown. disaster could strike in the form of: tropical heat, sleet, snow, ice storm, crippling cold, etc. But let it be known that we are fully loaded with what you'd call... Life Insurance. So if we meet our MAKER(s), someone(s) will get filthy rich. I think.

Sunday, December 29, 2013


Life underground, and under the bridge.
YOUR life could be worse...see video below and you decide.

Ride your bike!

Photo dump from recent B.P.R. adventures.
Photo Credit - me and other people whom I jacked them from.


Sunday, December 8, 2013

SnowBiking... a few miles, a few bars during and one long a$$ day

Someone said that yesterday, December 7th, was Global FatBike day. Well, we aren't rookies when it comes to Global FatBike Days. But the weather this year forced a local transformation from The Global FatBike movement into a local SnowBike adventure. So the SS machines were transformed from PHAT asphalt friendly rides to full blown SS snow machines. Because SnowBiking requires SnowBikes not FatBikes. Obviously.

Yep, the Global Day was just another day on the bikes, for a few of us that roll at the Back of the Pack. Chaos and Ludacracy dominated a simple cold snowy ride. Why would it be any different? But I won't bore you with the endless '1s' and '0s'. I won't riddle The Ether with standard Back of the Pack psycho babble, this time. I'll just throw out some pics and some lessons learned. Because we are all about pictures and lessons. But remember, a Lesson isn't a Lesson until it is Learned. Get it? Just Say'n.

A few pictures:

sometimes we roll through the dark cold & dangerous fields

Saturday, November 16, 2013

25 Hrs in Frog Hollow v2013: just hanging out and watching dudes and dudettes ride

25 Hrs in Frog Hollow. What can I say? It was a battle at the Back of the Pack. But the battle was not about breaking the 200 mile barrier. (Even though Mad Rhino was on pace, until hour 15.) The battle was about stretching out our limited beer, as we didn't roll in with adequate supply. Yes, we all showed up dreaming about 200 miles. And we quickly realized that... we are all out of shape, fat, lazy, old AND... extremely thirsty. For the most part. 

romance, sunsets & romance. I LOVE sunsets and romance... black sheep style

But what we, ok "I", concluded is that:

Life's about moving forward, from Point A to Point B. MOVING Forward. Life ain't about going around in circles. And 13.5 mile circles really suck! 

Sunday, October 20, 2013

BikePacking... The Coco Loco. Just having FUN and riding bikes

It seems like every year we think about racing (racing?) the Coconino 250. Then we don't. The official Coconino route provides 'drop down' points to some pretty cool towns and bars. And therefore, the motivation to stick to the race route is... lacking.

Anyway, this year we kept an open mind about the race and the route. Then a big storm hit the day before our departure. The storm, combined with the wicked cold temperatures, made it an easy decision. We ditched the race and committed to the Coco Loco route. Because it's all about having fun, as usual. Yeah, big surprise. Huh.

So, what is the Coco Loco? You may ask. Well, it isn't the 2011 Coco Macho, although the Coco Macho was a bit Coco Loco. And clearly it isn't the Coconino 250.  So, let's just say the Coco Loco was three long days of bikepacking fun, in Arizona. Yep, that's it.

Ok. Enough lingo. Read below for the basics: the lessons learned and random observations and random comments.

A view into Sedona... 2000 ft down
that's 2000*0.3048 = 609.6 meters for you 'metric' people