Monday, October 6, 2014

Another 7 Days We'll Never Get Back: v14.40

Another week is in the books. And, as usual, the Crew was turning cranks all over the world. 

This week I'll be nice... I won't bore you with my psychotic soliloquy of The Alternate Reality.  

Maybe you can use your imagination and keep yourself entertained.

BPR United Kingdom:

Taz pimp'n out the 'sheep and his new Stooge Frame.

BPR Roaming Chapter, aka Cjell Monē:

Monē hang'n with Don McClung. bad a$$

Monē: spent $100 on a bike and $100 on a bike lock
that's how he roll'd back in his bike messenger days

BPR Arizona:

32xYM: don't ask. because we won't tell you. i think

Aspens were just starting to change, which helped with climb up to Snow Bowl area

Meadow near Aspen Corners

The Texans tie the knot on top of Snow Bowl in Flagstaff, AZ.....

BPR Australia:

BPR New Mexico:

Bar hop'n in New Mexico. 
Back of the Pack Style. Black Sheep Style

Until Next Week... Stay Cool

Sunday, September 28, 2014

Another 7 Days We'll Never Get Back: v14.39

another week in the books. I've been busy. We've been busy. And probably you've been busy. So... I ain't gonna waste ANYONE's time this week with my Unfocused Linguistics

and remember. It's week #39. ( you freaks better start thinking about your Christmas shopping. and don't forget. you owe me.

BPR AZ: Kick'n in @ ShadeTree Bikes after a Friday night cruise

BPR AZ: Went to Church this morning. Dirt Church 
The Buddhafarian Church of the Single Ring

BPR UK: Taz has the new UK gear ready to roll

BPR UK: Taz is roll'n out on these new Stooge Rigs. Pretty sweet.

BPR UK: Taz being Taz. I think

BPR Australia: I guess the Corona proves that Blondie, that Aussie, is crazy
no one drinks Corona, not even when hang'n in mexico and there is no other beer available
yeah, it's like drinking a Coors Light

BPR NM: Just waiting for happy hour
seriously, it's a cool bar

BPR NM: Not many people realize that The Milagro Beanfield War was really about...
Raspberries in Mora
not beans in Milagro. Just Say'n. dude

BPR NM: I guess there is a s*^t ton of jobs at the edge of the desert... 
right next to the barbed wire fence and razor wire

BPR NM: The Morale Chairman trains from the Couch. Of course

BPR Florida: The Lt Col hasn't confirmed his registration / entry into Arrowhead 135
BUT The Col has The Woodchipper on his mind. Which is interesting

And to finish it off. The Picture Roll from BPR Australia:

Ollie cruise's the phat bike in snow. And he only drove 6 hours to hit the 'POW'
wait, there is snow in Australia?
I thought it was just bodacious babes and beaches... and sharks

and then Ollie hits the jungle

I guess they race 'down there'

so romantic
total romance. BPR Australian Style

Oh Man. We Love Sheep... Black Sheep
at the back of the pack

more love

and then there is beer

and Blondie and Danger Sean
rumor has it that Danger Sean is feeling left out
s*^t happens when a dude gives up patches for knut huggers
he's still roll'n with The Foxy Mama though... 
so I guess roll'n out with the CX rig and knut hug'n spandex ain't a TERMINAL decision. I think.

and finally some tunes to end it all: