Sunday, August 24, 2014

Another 7 Days We'll Never Get Back. v14.34

Another 168 hours. Another 7 days of Adventures... all over this 3rd planet in this thing we selfishly call The Solar System

we're still out there, turning the cranks and spending the ca$h

BPR UK: Taz is gonna make SSUK one to... forget

BPR AZ: HeyDuke turn'n the cranks

BPR AZ.... AWOL: Mad Rhino slum'n it

BPR AZ.... AWOL: Mad Rhino look'n for a summer home

like I said. BPR AZ.... AWOL

BPR AZ: Deuce dig'n Left Hand Polester
or not

BPR AZ: what?
No Hablo English
I mean... I don't speak Espanol
or something like that

BPR AZ: Hats are for heads. Helmets are for seat packs
just say'n, just reminding

BPR AZ: Gnarly forced to act his age

BPR AZ: Gnarly... chrome doozie for your Fiji

BPR AZ: Gnarly gettin' jiggy with it

BPR AZ: Gnarly
after all that booze, this s*^t happens

BPR Australia: Blondie put the sheep away and brought out the ponies

BPR Australia: Blondie belongs in The Funny House
cuz she escaped Danger Sean and The Funny Farm

BPR Australia: the love of IPA... just like BPR USA

BPR Australia: $5 Helmets?
must be a pony thing
cuz you can't roll out on a 'sheep with that!

BPR Colorado: Drew finally surfaced...
... just to get a quick a$$ grab courtesy of Nick aka The Pit Boss

BPR AZ: Frog still shred'n & still smile'n

BPR AZ: 19 weeks & 1 titanium rod later Whorechata rides to the neighborhood watering whole

BPR AZ: Golf instead of working? and they'll have $2 PBRs?

BPR AZ: Winning Summer, one pedal stroke at a time

Always a good time for a beer
BPR UK: because even Taz loves Big Bird

BPR UK: because even English dudes know what really counts

and know that you are sick of pictures, watch a crazy video. BUT don't bitch me out until you watch the ENTIRE video

the video is NOT for Senior Citizens (Madre) or Kids... just say'n
AND I'm pretty sure The National Security Agency (NSA for you geeks)
will ban this version of the video as soon as 'they' scope out this post.
*** BE CAREFUL ***

and now... starting the next 168 hours

Stay Cool


Sunday, August 17, 2014

Another 7 Days We'll Never Get Back. v14.33

Another 168 hours. Another 7 days of Adventures... all over the planet we call EARTH.

BPR New Zealand: the dudes keep sending me these black and white pics. 
yeah, those dudes are almost at the bottom of EARTH
but you'd think they'd have color 'film' by now

BPR Roaming Chapter: Cjell Monē kicking A$$ on the Tour Divide.
The dude hung with Don McClung in Salida.
Sounds like The McClung dude educated The Monē dude on Single & Rigid
Don McClung: Muscle Blood & Steel

Cjell Monē: breakfast above Brazos 

Cjell Monē: his lady chill'n on the couch, relaxing in BPR bamboo socks...
& dreaming of her man out on the Tour Divide, all while sip'n on lentil soup

 BPR Australia: cruise'n through the trees

BPR Australia: what a view

BPR Australia: where are the kangaroos?

BPR Australia: wild! is that a) ham and egg white omelet b) some alien infused mineral site

BPR UK. Taz get'n his 'taper' on prior to SSUK

BPR AZ: doing what they do

BPR NM: The Morale Chairman having trouble reentering society and waiting for SSWC15

BPR NM: photo dump
Judd in Colorado, again. The San Juan Mountains 
call me if you want to schedule a stop during my 2015 speaking tour
oh wait, I don't have a phone

look'n down on Silverton Mountain... a radical ski area

i'm pretty sure I lived here in a past life
quality of construction has my name all over it

monsters live down there

this baby will be fired up in a few months
although, I suggest you 'Earn Your Turns'

That was the mountain that I cruised up
Red Mountain #3

Can you spot the sheep?

Colorado Romance

and yes, there are big a$$ alien spaceships cruise'n over Colorado

and now... starting the next 168 hours.

Stay Cool

Sunday, August 10, 2014

Another 7 Days We'll Never Get Back. v14.32

Another 168 Hours gone by...

Since The Philosizer is roaming around Colorado, The Mad Rhino will bring you this weeks watered down, Natty Light version of the "168"

This week's Creepy B.P.R. Selfie Award goes to ...
TAZ from the U.K.

Creepy Selfie Pic Winner
Taz is one crazy "loon"...or are American's loons? I don't know, but the B.P.R. USA can't wait until this guy visits for SSAZ2015

Taz Fat Bike

Hasbro is about to release the "B.P.R. TAZ" action figure

Cjell Mone is rocking the Tour Divide and is somewhere out there.

Cjell Mone - larger than life.  If you see this dude out in the country, buy him a beer and a meal and get him to tell you a radical story.

Cjell's bike enjoying the wild flowers

Blondie says hello...from Papua New Guinea

Duece...hanging out in Nogales...with large bundles tied to his back.

Frog and the Lion - "Baggin it down". Stolen from Faceb00k


The Jolly Rogers and Frog the Polliwog 

This is not B.P.R.

The Judd, The Angry Cycling Gorilla...busting bike parts again sabotaging his racing victories on the CTR this year.

The Professor battling it out with Spencer and Deuce for the B.P.R. paranod Prepper of the year award.

The Mad Rhino and Mamasonga take the Captain's Chair

Thanks to local sponsors, "The Dick and Cheryl Foundation"...B.P.R. will be rolling up to the races in The Chieftain.

Drives just like my old school bus

New B.P.R. race fuel.  There is a debate on the quality of the fuel since it's passed the expiration date.